Crafty mushroom

Day one of the second week of daycare and my boy didn’t cry when we dropped him off in the morning. There was a little fuss, but that was all. Then when I went to pick him up today he grinned at me and immediately crawled to me to be picked up. Before we headed out the door, Kay handed over Paxlet’s first ever handmade craft!

I’m in love (all over again)!

mushy mushroom

Crayon colored (and a bit eaten in the process) and 3 papers glued on it.



6 thoughts on “Crafty mushroom

    • Work is work, but I’m enjoying it a bit. It has definitely been much easier to return to work because Paxlet is doing so well in daycare. If he wasn’t thriving there, I know it would be a whole different story. Thanks for asking.

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