Boy things

Paxlet loves dump trucks, diggers, motorcycles, big loud trucks and almost anything that vrooms past us quickly and noisily. This is not something Mr Siili or I have pushed on him, it is something he has discovered on his own. I am just finding it quite interesting to see how and where his love of wheeled things comes from. I am very sure that his love of these things is due to genes and the boy-ness that little boys are born with. Just as it seems most (not all) girls love pink, dolls and playing house.

We haven’t bought him a single car/truck/vehicle. On the flip side, we also haven’t bought him dolls either. It’s not that I am against Paxlet having either of these items, it’s just that I haven’t been bothered to buy stereotype gender specific toys yet. I’ve just thought that when he is able to assert himself in what he likes, then we’ll worry about what toys to get him. Up until now, it has been blocks, books, balls (he loved these at mom & baby groups), buckets (he loved this from the playground) and other baby-like toys. But now that he is asserting himself more, I think it’s time to listen and get him toys he likes and desires (within reason!).

This self discovery of what Paxlet likes to play with reminds me of my youngest brother when he was little. When my youngest brother was 4-5 years old, he wanted the game Pretty Pretty Princess for his birthday. When he got this game, you could find my brother, his two best friends and my dad sitting on the floor playing this game. Years later now, my brother is married and his best friend is gay. They have nothing to do with each other, except for the fact that these boys played the same game and were allowed to be who they are and who they would become. This is exactly what I hope to teach my little boy. He can wear whatever color he wants, play with whatever toys he wants and love whoever he wants. I just want him to be happy.


Favorite “animal” at the local farm.

For his birthday we did get him an awesome construction work vehicle book that he just loves!!! (I love it too!) In this book, there are 3 thick cardboard vehicles that pop-out (digger, dump & cement truck). Once you pop them out, there are 2 sets of wheels that you can attach to them to roll them around. Also, there is one piece that is hinged so it can dump, dig or pour. And there are some door-flaps that open to show the insides of the vehicles, in which some of them need a sticker added to put the finishing touches on the vehicles. So far, Paxlet is enjoying flipping through the book over and over and playing with the wheels. We’ll leave it that way until he is a bit older and more gentle with the pieces so they don’t get broken as quick*. We also bought a 2nd book for when Paxlet is older. How could we not, they are only 5€!

He also got his first real vehicle: a firetruck. And he just loves loves pushing that thing around. I love that the bell on it isn’t that loud.

*Mr Siili showed Paxlet one of the door-flaps as soon as he got it and within 5 minutes that door was ripped right off. LOL


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