Today was my first day back at work in over a year and it went well. Work was work. I basically spent the day getting my computer and email set up and access to all the systems I need. Tomorrow will start the actual stuff again.

I think what helped make today easier was the ease with which Paxlet went to daycare. Mr Siili and I walked Paxlet to the daycare. He didn’t fuss or cry on the way there like he has the last few times. In fact he was chattering away to us the entire time. He even helped ring the doorbell with a grin on his face. Once inside, Mr Siili took Paxlet’s outside clothes off and then Paxlet proceeded to immediately crawl away from us towards the noises in the other room that the kids were making. He didn’t look back at us once! Mr Siili and I said our good byes to a retreating bum. We then walked to the bus laughing at our grown up little boy.


What do you think?

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