Happy Birthday, Paxlet!

Twelve months! One year! My how this year has flown by!

One year ago today I gave birth to my little boy. What a journey this has been so far. At times, I just sit and think about how far we have come and how much further we get to go. Mr Siili and I enjoyed many child-free years, decided to try for a child, struggled with IF for a few  more years and finally got pregnant, had a wonderful pregnancy and birthed a healthy boy. Wow! I have learned so much already, but I know there is still much more to learn. I look forward to this continued journey in all its worry, happiness, stress, love, learning, joy, in sickness, in health and until death do us part!

Tomorrow we’re having a party for Paxlet (really for us me, as he’s still to young to understand or really care) with some family and a few friends. I’m excited about the party as I’ve dreamt about it for years.

Without further ado, here’s a last regular update on the boy.


Paxlet’s first painting.

Weight & Length: Paxlet had a neuvola appointment today, so we’ve got the freshest of details. He has finally reached, and just barely passed the 10 kilo mark (actual weight 10kg 75grams) and he is 75,5 centimeters. That calculates to 22 pounds and 30 inches. I know he’s not a huge boy, but he’s just perfect for me.

Sleeping: It hasn’t changed much, if at all, in the last couple of months. Paxlet sleeps most of the night in his crib and then part way through the night he wakes and wants in bed with me. And then some point in the very early hours of the morning he gets boob and sleeps a bit more. Most nights he is sleeping roughly 11-12 hours (7/8pm-7am).

Naps have been fluctuating between 1 and 2 naps a day. If he takes a long nap, we can survive with one, but if it is a short nap, he needs two. At daycare they only have one schedule nap a day, so that is sort of what I have been trying to do with Paxlet at home, but not stressing if it doesn’t work and we need a different schedule.

Teeth: Tooth number 5 came in at the beginning of the month and we’ve now been holding at 5 teeth for quite some time. The 6th one (upper right lateral) is just below the surface, where it has been for almost as long as #5 came through. I can feel the ridge and I’m sure it’ll be through any day now. (I’ve said that for the last several weeks!)

Eating: Paxlet eats everything. He now also loves bananas! I don’t think there is anything he won’t eat anymore, but definitely somethings he prefers over others. Sweet potato, avocado and nectarines are a huge hit! He also wants to eat anything we are eating, so no more snacking for us, unless we can be truly stealth. I have been told he eats well at the daycare too.

Clothing/size: We’re putting away size 70 clothes. Size 74 fits quite well and some size 80 fit, although some are still huge.

Hair: I actually took the scissors to Paxlet’s hair and trimmed a couple of extremely long, fly-away pieces, but I haven’t gotten up the courage to trim or cut any more than that. Many people have commented on the cute curls at the back of his neck.

Health: Both Paxlet and I caught a cold. I am sure it came from a boy in one of the groups we go to as he had a horrendous runny nose the day we saw him. And that is exactly how our colds started a few days later and even now almost 2 weeks later we both still have an excess amount of snot. Thankfully Paxlet doesn’t have fever anymore though, that was horrible. Other this this one cold, we’ve been quite healthy.

Movement: Standing, squatting, bending over then standing back up and a few steps are new this month! We’ve seen Paxlet take a couple of steps and then bend over to continue crawling. The most steps we’ve counted are 11 in one go. We believe he could be walking all over, if he just trusted himself. But for now, crawling and holding onto our fingers (one hand or both) is fine with the boy. In the last few days, he seems to be taking more steps on purpose, instead of it “just happening”. We think it might be from watching the “big kids” at the daycare.

Paxlet has also been climbing down off the couch and our bed, feet first. He remembers to go feet first most of the time, but still needs to be reminded at times.

Personality: We are seeing more tantrums (partly from starting daycare and not being able to communicate his feelings) and knowing what he should or shouldn’t be doing, yet doing it anyway sometimes. He really is still quite a happy boy, yet he definitely has a stubborn streak. Mr Siili also says he is chatty like his mom.

During and after the first week of daycare, Paxlet was a very frustrated and not so happy boy. After a few days home, he relaxed and became his usual self again. This week at daycare has been much more “routine” and he’s been more of his usual self at home. I am very thankful that it didn’t take long to get my boy back, as I felt like THE most horrible mom for a while with many tears. I do know there will be ups and downs, but we will work with them as they come.

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve also seen the amount of biting, scratching and pinching lessen. We’re enjoying whatever the cause!

Favorite toys/Activities: Buckets, figuring out how things work: opening and closing boxes, containers. Stacking things and knocking them down. Trying to carry 2 big flower pots around the yard while putting in bits of rock, plants and dirt in them. Books are still a huge favorite, but he’s getting a bit more gentle with them.

Words/Sounds: He is chattering away even more, if that’s possible. We have “conversations” in the car when going somewhere, when looking at stuff at home and just as a daily part of life. I’m not sure if there is much in the way of new words he says on his own, but he does repeat more words: eggs, yuck, dada (I swear he has said this, but not sure).

Favorite moment: This month I have truly enjoyed sitting outside watching Paxlet play in our playground or playing with him out there. It is amazing to see him discover his world. How sand can be put in buckets, scooping it up in his hands and letting it fall through his fingers, pushing tractors and diggers around and even eating some sand (as exasperating as that is).

Milestones & Firsts: Paxlet took his first steps this month!

Paxlet has started daycare, which means he has been left with someone other than myself or Mr Siili. It has been very difficult to do this, but Kay, the daycare lady is great! Also, after only 6 days there, Paxlet is doing quite well and cries very little.

Paxlet drew with some colored pencils on white card stock to make a birthday card for daddy last week. And yesterday he painted for the first time.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Paxlet!

  1. Yay! Happy birthday Paxlet!!! What a fantastic report! I hope the party is a blast — and that he’ll get his first taste of birthday cake??

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