Sunday was much brighter

We woke on Sunday to a beautiful beginning of autumn sunny day! It also happened to be a very sunny day by Paxlet’s mood too. My little boy was back!!! He played, ate, laughed and was just all around in a good mood. It definitely made my heart lighter and melt. We had a good day.

We even had a good belly laugh at one point. Mr Siili was laying on a mattress in Paxlet’s room and Paxlet came to play with him. PAxlet grabbed a toy (baby powder bottle) and crawled up onto the mattress right under Mr Siili’s face. Paxket then turned himself around so that his back and butt where under Mr Siili’s chin and plopped himself down. It was a very cat-like move, which Mansi (and sometimes Rusty) does all the time! Mr Siili and I both laughed and Paxlet joined in with a fake laugh. We laughed more and Sami continued with his fake laughing. That was the first time we’ve heard him fake laughing to join in. It was priceless.

Today started week 2 of daycare and Paxlet started fussing before we even made it inside. He cried huge sobbing crocodile tears as I left. I know his crying didn’t last too long, as I got a text from Kay. But I still feel bad. I hope this week is better, both at daycare and especially home.

Now it’s time for me to use this bit of “freedom” to go bra shopping. I desperately need a non-nursing bra that fits and that I like. I’d rather be home with the boy in any mood that go bra shopping.


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