Bra shopping

I know I’ve said it before, but I can’t stand bras. I wish it were a love-hate sort of relationship, but it isn’t. I just hate them! And I desperately needed a new bra.

At the moment I have 4 nursing bras and I wear all of one of them. I actually like this bra, but it is now a year old and one size too big (around). Plus, I don’t need to nurse while at work. I can stand one other of the nursing bras, but I feel like I will fall out if it the second I lean or bend over (with a little one, that’s all I do!). The other two are exactly the same and a waste of money, even after I cut the underwires out of one if them. I also have many regular bras from before pregnancy, but they are either too small, too big or just don’t feel right. (I sound like Goldilocks.) I have no idea why I hold onto these bras that I have no intention of wearing, but something just won’t let me toss them.

So, while Paxlet was (still is, as I am writing this on my phone in the bus) at daycare, I went downtown to find me a bra. I went to the store were I bought the nursing bra I like, even though the sales lady wasn’t very helpful. I wandered around, picking up a couple of bras that looked like something I would like in a size I thought I was. As I stood there in the middle of the bra section turning in circles, probably looking a little lost, a sales lady asked if I needed help. I jumped on it and said “yes!”. I told her that I needed a bra (duh). I also told her that I would prefer a underwire-less bra and that I thought I was a 75 (34, in US) D or E. She quickly looked at the bras I had grabbed so far, grabbed another one or two and had me start trying them on. This lady was great! She actually helped me and listened to me when I said I did or didn’t like something about a bra. In the end, there were two bra styles from the brand Triumph that I liked and that fit me well and a 3rd from the brand Fantasie that was pretty decent too. I chose one black bra and one white bra from Triumph that I liked the most and headed off to the cashier. In the end I only purchased the black bra, with the thought of waiting until I get a discount coupon and then heading back to buy the second bra. These ladies cost almost 50 euros each!!

So, I am now heading home with my brand new bra (75/34 F) in a little plastic bag and I can’t wait to try it on. I’m always excited when I find a new bra that I think fits and can’t wait until I’ve washed it and can wear it with the hopes of finally loving a new bra. I hope this one doesn’t disappoint me.

Oh, and Mr Siili wants a fashion show when he gets home.


8 thoughts on “Bra shopping

  1. Always helps when salespeople can be arsed. And a well putting bra: should be a right, not a privilege. My nursing bra is triumph and a really comfy one, expensive but i reckon worth it for conform and quality. Bet its the same one. I didn’t even bother washing these ones (completely unheard of for me) so desperate was i for the ultimate booby support!)

    • It was definitely great that the sales lady was so helpful. I’ve been measured and helped before, but this time she listened to me and found me bras that fit and didn’t bug the heck out of me (as much).

  2. I have such small boobs I felt it ridiculous to spend any kind of money on bras. And going bra shopping when you’re a 34 B and DON’T want bows, polka dots, or TONS OF PADDING can be very frustrating. My husband finally convinced me to go to the uppity bra store in the mall, where I was measured and fitted and I could just weep with joy. It was so worth it. A bra can make or break your day.

  3. bras are pretty ridiculous! I feel like mine are changing so often lately and it is so hard to stay comfortable. Glad you found one that works for you.

    • You know, I am sure there is probably a proper time of the month of when you’re supposed to go bra shopping..but for me, no time of the month is a good time. haha Yes, this one is still comfortable!!!

  4. it is amazing how many of us don’t wear the right size / shaped bras…. so great that she was so helpful!

  5. HAHAHA I love this I could have totally written this. My favorite thing to do when I get home is rip my bra off. Its a common joke between the hubby and I at this point lol. Glad you found something you like! Hope they are comfy for you!

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