sunflower1As Mr Siili, Paxlet and I were out and about on Sunday, we drove past a field of sunflowers. These sunflowers aren’t just any sunflowers, they are everyone’s sunflowers! These sunflowers have been grown by the city for anyone to pick for their personal use. (There are 4-5 other plots around town with flowers and grain growing in them for anyone to pick/harvest.) So, I went back there today with Paxlet to pick some flowers for us and also for a friend of mine has been going through a very rough time lately*. Our house looks so much more cheerful with these flowers and my friend was/is very thankful for the flowers (and zucchini bread I baked).


In the middle of the sunflower field.

I loved these sunflowers so much that after Paxlet went to sleep, I ran (ok, drove) over there again to get some more flowers to take to people I am seeing tomorrow.


Can you believe it is 9pm?

*A very good friend of my friend and her 4 year old daughter committed suicide about a month ago and left everything to the daughter in her written testament. Nothing about taking care of the details has been easy and she’s been insanely busy and stressed.


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