Eleven months

I can’t believe I’ve been away from work over a year now and Paxlet is getting close to a year old. This time sure has flown by and I’m (still) not ready to head back to work in a month. One more month and I’ll no longer have a baby, but a toddler. Yowzers!

Paxlet and I have spent just over 2 weeks with Mr Siili at home every day. I know Paxlet has loved it to no end. Sometimes I even feel that he is wanting daddy over me. Maybe not always, but definitely sometimes for some things (like picking him up and getting him to hard to reach places and items that momma just won’t do). I love seeing them together and I also love the little bit of me time I am getting.

Paxlet is just growing and changing so much. Each day there really is something new. Either for him to see or learn and do. This is just amazing to be able to watch with front row seats.


Weight & Length: We have no clue what Paxlet weighs right now as it has been ages since he has been weighed. I’m thinking he’s pretty close to 10 kilos (22 pounds). We’ll find out his exact weight and length during this next month sometime closer to his 1 year birthday.

Sleeping: Sleeping is great! Especially compared to what it was around 5-6 months of age. Paxlet is still sleeping in our room, in his crib. Most nights he sleeps there until 4:30 or so in the morning and then sleeps the next 2-3 hours next to me. I think the next steps will be to get rid of the binkie and stop boobing him to sleep, but really, we’re not in a hurry just yet.
I do wish I was going to bed earlier so that I was getting more sleep, but I’m just not an early-to-bed person (neither is Mr Siili).

Teeth: In the last 4 days, Paxlet has cut 2 teeth with another very close to the surface. This brings the tooth total to 4!
The two teeth that came in are the upper right central (front) tooth and the upper left lateral (the one next to the front tooth). It’s his other front tooth that should be here any day.

Eating: Paxlet is still a great eater, although the last two days he hasn’t eaten as much as he normally does. It’s completely understandable with teething though.

Clothing/size: Clothing hasn’t changed much. Maybe a few of the 6-9 months pieces of clothes are getting small, but most are still fitting just fine.

Hair: Paxlet’s hair is still blond as can be. The top, sides and back are getting long, but the hairs near the front/forehead are still very short. On one hand, I am thinking I should trim the back so it doesn’t look so duck-tale or mullet-like, but on the other, it’s so cute and curly.

Health: Went to the ER mid-month after Paxlet pushed his highchair back from the table, but the feet didn’t move and Paxlet plus the chair toppled over backwards. He screamed, cried and I felt horribly miserably bad. 😦 All was fine in the end. Other than that, he’s been healthy for quite some time now. Yay! We love that!

Movement: He’s not walking yet, but he can stand up alone for long-ish periods of time.
Crawling is old hat. Lately Paxlet has been up on one knee and scooting himself forward a bit at a time in that half up position. We have also seen him crawl on his hands and feet (sort of like Gollum) while outside because he doesn’t like the grass and dirt on his knees. While it is too cute and funny to watch him get around like that, he’s getting quick at it. Paxlet is also mastering walking with his push cart, if not how to steer it and not bump into things. Also, while walking with the aid of our fingers, legs and other items he’s becoming steadily faster, Paxlet still tends to lean forward too far for his balance to be of much use alone. While I am excited for him to learn to walk on his own, as it will save my back a lot of pain, I am also “willing” to wait for him to learn it on his own at his own pace.

Personality: Paxlet is definitely a stubborn one, but also sweet, cute and funny. He can also be quite serious when he is studying how something works.
For now, when he gets upset or frustrated he tends to bite and pinch or scratch. We’re trying to redirect it, but it sure is hard when he laughs when we tell him no.

Favorite toys/Activities: Buckets, figuring out how things work: opening and closing boxes, containers. Stacking things and knocking them down. Trying to carry 2 big flower pots around the yard while putting in bits of rock, plants and dirt in them.

Words/Sounds: Paxlet’s first word was ball, in Finnish. And his second word was mom, in Finnish. But his most favorite word right now it light. We think anything up high is “light”, but lights are definitely light.

His list of words/sounds so far: (p)allo (ball), äiti (mom), allah (want/give), ight (light), woof/wooh, meow, out,
Things he repeats when we say them: night night, auto, isän paita [dad’s shirt], all done, oink, roars (like his dragon toy),

In terms of Paxlet talking, he’s just blossomed this month. Within a matter of days when we noticed that his sounds were more sentence and word like Paxlet started saying actual words. And since then, he’s just started saying more words, that we can understand and figure out a meaning to and to things we just don’t understand, but he means something with his sounds.

Favorite moment: Watching him learn and figure out new things: opening and closing his backpack while the ducky was inside.

Milestones & Firsts: Putting items into other items, such as toys into buckets, balls into the cat scratching tree cubbyhole.

So many words this month!

Paxlet’s pincher grip is amazing these days! Not only can he pick up tiny things, but he pinches too! It hurts!

He responds to simple one-step commands, but generally only if we point or show what we want with our hands. He’s good at giving something to momma/daddy (like his spoon when eating to be filled up).


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