Broken face

I dropped my watch on the bathroom floor about a month ago. Now, you might wonder what is so interesting about that, and I agree, there isn’t much interesting about a dropped item. In fact, I’ve dropped my watch on the bathroom floor and everywhere else many times before. But this time, my watch happened to land in just the wrong way that it cracked the glass face. After a few choicely said words, I put my watch on my wrist, went about my day and grumbled (off and on) about my broken watch face ever since.


Can you see the crack over the 2 and 3?

I know I could just go without a watch, especially since I don’t have a sentimental attachment to it AND I do have a mobile phone with a clock on it, but that’s not the point. I like having a wrist watch. And more importantly, I feel naked without my watch on! Yes, that’s right, nekkid! I have worn a watch at least since I was 14 years old or so (My mom got me a Shark brand watch with an interchangeable nylon band). It just feels weird to not have a watch on my wrist and when I don’t wear it (more like I’ve forgotten it) I am always looking at my nekkid wrist to see what time it is. As I said, I have a phone I could check the time (and date) on, but I don’t always have pockets, nor do I always have my phone right next to me. Plus it is nice to not have to have it in my hand.

I really should just go buy a new watch, as replacing the glass face will cost almost as much as a new one, but I just haven’t done it. It’s not because I have a sentimental attachment to this watch, as I don’t. It’s just that the watch works perfectly fine still, except for the crack on the upper part of the face. (I was also sort of hoping that Mr Siili would buy me a new watch for my birthday, but that didn’t happen. I think he’d be too afraid of getting me something I’m not totally happy with and I do respect that. I am VERY picky.) It just feels ‘silly’ to buy a new watch when this one still works… even if it has a broken face.


2 thoughts on “Broken face

  1. Do I see correctly, are you wearing your watch on your right wrist? I haven’t seen many people who wear it like that. But I do. I have broken my left wrist more than 10 years ago, it hurt to have anything on it for a long time, and by the time I could wear anything again on my left arm, I got so used to wearing the watch on my right, that I have done so ever since.
    I have a collection of watches (almost). Not really, but together with my husband, we’ve got 20, I think. I love watches. He does as well. We have various colours, materials, for various occasions. I have a favourite, a Rotary with diamonds, that is absolutely perfect for my wrist. When you get past the functionality of the watch, you can enjoy it as an accessory as well.

    • I am wearing my watch on my right wrist, but that is because I am left handed. 😉

      I’ve never had more than one watch at a time, I wouldn’t know what to do with more of them. haha

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