37 whole years or Happy Birthday to me

37 years ago, on July 28th at 7:08 pm, my mom gave birth to me. When my mom was 37, I was 19 and she seemed sooooo old. I wonder what Paxlet will think of me when he’s 18… (or 37…I hope I’m still around!) Thank goodness that’s a ways off.


I want to be excited for my birthday, but it just isn’t there. There’s no party (I didn’t organize one myself and it’s summer with most people off doing family stuff), no cake (it’s to hot to turn the oven on right now and I haven’t gone and bought myself a cake) and no gifts (I didn’t tell Mr Siili that I wanted anything, nor did I buy myself anything). Honestly, I’m not expecting much from my birthday. This makes it sound like such a pity party, but it’s not. Not really. I just don’t feel the birthday this year, yet again.

I do hope Mr Siili will acknowledge it in some small way. I will be thrilled if my family calls me, heck even email or a FB message would be fine. Yes, I know I could call them, but I’m always calling them. Paxlet is too little to understand birthdays, but just having him and being with him will be more than enough.


My first birthday with my little boy. Now that thought cheers me right up! Maybe my birthday won’t be so ho-hum after all.


6 thoughts on “37 whole years or Happy Birthday to me

  1. Happy belated birthday! It does get a bit anticlimatic, but it is still nice to make it special, even in the most subtle of ways. Next year, when P is older, you’re going to make a cake and HE is going to have a blast! 🙂

  2. Happy belated birthday! I understand not getting too excited about it – I’m the same way. But I’m sure having your little guy with you made it very special. 🙂

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