Second week out of four

It’s summer time and that means time to take your holidays (or vacation, if that’s what you want to call it). And that’s exactly what Mr Siili is doing right now.

Here in Finland, during the first year you work at a company, you earn 2 days of holiday per month that you are working at a company (to be used the following year sometime between March and September, or get it as pay if you leave the company before being able to take the holiday). That’s 24 days of holiday, a whole 4 weeks off (because it is counted Monday through Saturday) during the summer! After the first year, you earn 2,5 days of holiday per month for the year: 24 days in the summer and 6 in the winter.

This week is week number 2 of Mr Siili’s 4 weeks of holiday. This is also his first year at the company he works for where he is entitled to the entire 4 weeks of holiday. (Last year he had only earned a few days of holiday for the summer.) Previously, Mr Siili was working at the university and trying to get his PhD done. So even though he got 4 weeks of holiday, he was always doing something for work or his PhD. Having 4 full weeks of is quite a new and novel thing for Mr Siili. I don’t think he quite knows what to do with himself. Well, other than do nothing. Ok, that’s not true. He’s helping out with Paxlet tons! But, he is NOT doing anything work related, nor is he planning and tackling big holiday plans.

This is also the first time in years when we, Mr Siili and I, have had this much time together, at home, away from work. I honestly believe the last time we had this much together-time was either when I was here for the month long holiday my first time in Finland (15 years ago) or when I was here for 3 months (14,5 years ago) as a tourist and he was ‘only’ going to school. It’s been interesting. Last week was a bit of a struggle for us while we worked out the kinks of many full days together. It also didn’t help that I was PMS’ing. This week is going much better! I even went to town for a few hours by myself! It is also great to have someone to tag-team Paxlet with. He’s a bundle full of happy energy! As it stands, I can’t wait to see what we do or don’t do for the next 2,5 weeks.


3 thoughts on “Second week out of four

  1. All of that time off sounds amazing! I hope you guys can do some fun things around town as a family like the zoo or going to a pool or something. Maybe even a short getaway? Have fun!

  2. Enjoy your holidays together! I guess it can be a bit tricky in the beginning if you are not used to be home at the same time. You get your own routines which can easily clash, in ways of doing things etc.

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