When I was very little, only a couple of years old and still learning to talk, my mom and dad had a paper route. Many times my dad would take me on the route with him, on his back. During the rounds, we would see pretty flowers and I would want to pick them. Each time I wanted to pick the flowers, my dad would tell me “sorry”.

Some time after my dad telling me sorry often enough, I one day pointed out some ‘Sorries’ to my mom.
(I don’t remember if she was confused by this or not, but it was all sorted out in the end.)


Now when Paxlet is crawling around and getting into things he shouldn’t, or wants something I don’t want him to have and I tell him “sorry”, I am always reminded of this story. It also makes me wonder what words Paxlet will learn and use “incorrectly” for a time.


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