POTD – June 30 to July 10

What do you do when you have more than one good photo per day?! Some days it’s really hard to choose which image I want to use.

Sorry for the tons of pictures, I should try to post these more often.


June 30 – Miss Mansi “found” my belt on the floor. You would think this was a box or something.


July 1 – Some flowers I saw on our way home. I’m proud of how well the close-up turned out.

For July 2nd, I just had to share two pictures because it wouldn’t be fair to show only one cat’s whiskers.


July 2 – whiskers
Rusty the old man

july2 too

July 2 – whiskers
Miss Mansi


July 3 – young seagull stretching


July 4 – red, white and blue


July 5 – Art installation downtown.
The explanation about this was something about drifting along in the current of life with the wind taking us whichever direction.


July 7 – shadows


July 8 – our game
I stack the 8 cups as fast as I can and Paxlet tries to topple them over before I can get them all stacked.


July 9 – zipper


July 10 – edible
Ok, so maybe these ingredients aren’t so edible as they are, but once I mixed them all together and the banana bread came out of the oven, it was heavenly!


What do you think?

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