Paxlet bites. Those two razor sharp teeth of his hurt!

When he first got these two teeth, he was still only gumming his mouth back and forth on us (arms, legs, my chin & chest/clavicle). It was still quite funny, with a few not-so-painful sharp teeth incidents. Lately, his is using his teeth more and now he is actually biting down a lot of the time. It really hurts! Sometimes he even leaves tooth marks on us.

Telling him ‘no’, ‘no biting’ or yelping in pain generally just elicits a laugh or a mostly toothless grin from him. Sometimes a particularly loud/harsh yelp and setting him down on the floor will get him crying, but I’m not sure he understand why that is happening. It’s not like we can bite him back, but believe me, it has crossed both my and Mr Siili’s mind.

I can’t imagine how much more painful this is going to get once he gets teeth on the top. How have you gotten your little one to stop biting? Or did they just grow out of it, and when?! I’d love to hear your tips, tricks and any advice you might have.


5 thoughts on “Biting

  1. She used to bite when nursing and I taught her to stop nursing and bite my finger instead. She did that for a while but grew out of biting me. She does still bite toys, etc. but no longer people. Good luck 🙂

    • Yikes! Thankfully Paxlet has only bitten twice (so far) during nursing. I’m not sure I want him biting my finger, because so far it is all a game to him and it hurts! As a friend suggested on FB, I’m going to try and put his own finger in his mouth for him to bite. 😀 Thankfully there hasn’t been any attempts to bite me today.

  2. Eh, I stopped nursing. He was starting to bite and it was agonising. I didn’t stop just because of the biting, but because of working and other reasons. He still bites my thigh, though.

    One of my friends bites back, but I think that’s weird. I think it is the same as trying to stop him switching off the computer (nice shiny button), chasing the cat or similar; they’re just too little to understand and reason.

    • I’ve “threatened” to stop nursing if he bites me while eating, so far it has only happened twice. So far.

      I agree, biting back is weird, at least as this stage in life, as I don’t think he quite gets it. I’d be afraid that he only understands me biting and hurting him. Ah well, I’ll keep trying different things. For now, he’s not letting me put his own finger in his mouth. He stiffens his arm. lol

  3. Cadet went through a biting phase. It lasted a few months, but stopped on his own. Of course, I wasn’t breastfeeding, but it hurt nevertheless!! Good luck!

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