Ten months

The months are just flying by. I try to remember what Paxlet was like just a month before, but it’s hard. He grows so much and does so many new things each week and day that I’m just trying to soak it all in. It finally does feel like I’ve had him forever and I definitely can’t think of life without him.

We got our daycare situation sorted out for when I head back to work in September. We got a coveted spot in a city (versus private) in-home daycare (perhepäivähoitaja). We were told that there is only 1 in-home daycare person via the city in our area and about 80 applicants. We got our letter in the mail saying Paxlet would start at a daycare. When we went to the daycare to check it out and sign papers, we were informed that someone had cancelled their spot with the in-home daycare and we will be going there instead. So, I guess going in and asking about the lady who is an in-home daycare giver right across the street from us worked out! I now just hope this lady is a good fit with us because as I said, she is literally across the street from us.

Weight & Length: We don’t have an official neuvola appointment until Paxlet is 1 year, but we do have a doctor’s visit next week to get his ears checked after the ear infection he had a month and a half ago. Until then, I’ll leave you with last month’s measurements: 9 kilos 585 grams (Just over 21 pounds) and length is 71,5 centimeters (28.15 inches).

Sleeping: These days, Paxlet sleeps wonderfully! Most nights he’ll sleep between 10-12 hours, usually right around 11 hours. He’ll still wake up after his first 45 minute sleep cycle, but a quick shh-pat, stick in the binkie and he’s back asleep. He also still comes to bed with me around 4:30 or 5 in the morning for milk and then sleeps until 6-7:30.

Naps are generally twice a day, with the random days of only one nap (like today). Naps can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Usually it depends on if the previous night was a crap night for sleep and when he goes down for his nap, as I try to keep a rough schedule so we can get him to bed in the evening at a decent time.

Teeth: He’s still only got the two bottom teeth, with bumps for the top two. It hasn’t stopped him from eating anything and everything we give him. It also hasn’t stopped him from biting. Biting is a many times a day occurrence. While I don’t believe he is biting to be mean or with malice, it does hurt and no matter how much we yelp in pain (or shock) and say no, he usually laughs or grins. How do we get him to realize biting is bad? Without resorting to biting him back!

Eating: This boy eats! And he eats a lot! Both Mr Siili and myself are sometimes amazed at the amount of food he can eat in one sitting. I don’t worry about the amounts, because it’s healthy food, he’s growing and he does let us know when he doesn’t want any more (either by raspberry-spiting it out or shaking his head while grinning and not opening his mouth).

Also, Paxlet is quite accomplished in feeding himself, with fingers and loaded spoon. We don’t do much in the way of purees anymore for regular food, but I still use quite a bit of the baby jar fruits as they are easy.

This month we’ve introduced watermelon, Cheerios, eggplant, cheese, potato bread, dry cat food, strawberry, cherry, bread, grapes, nectarine, apple (homemade applesauce, with a touch of cinnamon), tomato…

Clothing/size: Clothes are still in the 74-80 range, which is 9 months to 12 months.

Hair: Paxlet’s hair is still very blond. Short in some spots, but definitely getting longer in others. I’ve been meaning to take a snippet of his hair to put in his baby book, but it is so hard to get him to sit still. It’s all I can do to trim finger nails!

Health: We have all been healthy this month! Yay! No colds or illnesses for over a month. I love it!!

Movement: He’s on the go from morning to night. Crawling is still his preferred method of getting around, but he can walk with finger help, pushing chairs and the Brio cart around. Paxlet can stand for a bit on his own, but I don’t think he quite realizes he is doing it.

Personality: We’ve got a stubborn, independent and strong-willed little boy on hands. He’s also generally happy and loves to laugh. He’s definitely a mixture of both of us.

Favorite toys/Activities: Balls, buckets and books! What more could a boy ask for? Balls are great for holding and rolling around to chase after. Paxlet has even learned to drop the balls, most of the time, so we can roll them back and forth. Buckets are meant for dragging around the house, but nothing is to ever be put in them! And books are unfortunately still mostly meant to be eaten and sometimes turn the pages. Sometimes he’ll sit long enough to have a book ready to him.

Words/Sounds: Paxlet isn’t saying anything on purpose yet, but we are sure we’ve heard a few mimicked words here and there. The sounds he does make are becoming more and more word and sentence like. I know I’m excited to hear what his first real word will be. Until then, we’ll just have to enjoy him using baby sign language (‘more’ and ‘all done’, so far)

Favorite moment: Hearing belly giggles and laughter. Sometimes it’s from us flapping our arms, tickling his tummy or being a kissing-saurus (pusu-saurus) that gets him giggling.

Milestones & Firsts: Looks under/over/around items to see what is on the other side. Seeing him put his head close to the ground with his bum in the air to look under the couch is one of the cutest things around.

He waves bye-bye! He also raises his hand up in the “inernational ‘hello’ salute”. We’re not sure if it truly is saying hello or something else, because he does it quite often to us, the cats, birds and anyone else that is around.

Doesn’t like Daddy leaving for work in the morning, but loves it when Daddy comes home. It’s a bit of tears and frustration at not being able to go outside too in the morning and then in the afternoon Paxlet’s entire face lights up when Daddy comes home.

The word “no” is hilarious! It definitely doesn’t elicit the response we would like. I have tried using “stop” instead, but it doesn’t really work either. Maybe someday…

And here are a few pictures from the last month:


Waving to the pigeon at the park.


In the playground.


He’ll do anything to get at his books!


2 thoughts on “Ten months

  1. Very funny pictures! 🙂
    There will be years before they actually act on your NO. George is almost three and still feigns not hearing me when I say NO. Maddening…
    The biting stops when the front teeth have all broken through the gum. But again, it will be years before it stops being funny. I am thankful that so far I did not have to deal with malicious biting other children – since biting is such a pain to break as a habit, it must be very difficult to deal with it.
    And congrats on the sleeping! Rumour is it is wonderful. 🙂

    • We think the top teeth will be coming soon (we’ve been saying that for some time) as he has been playing with his mouth more lately and drooling a lot again.

      Thanks! It is nice to sleep most nights mostly alone in the bed. While I don’t get a full night of sleep, I do get several hours in a row most nights. It can only get better… 😀 I hope it gets better for you too!

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