Taking corners

This last weekend, as we were heading to the country to visit a friend and her family for the day, I was reminded of how I took corners when I was still a novice at driving. It would drive my then boyfriend insane and sort of freak him out. I’ve come a long way since then, but I sure had a good laugh this weekend.

You see, it had to do with taking corners. I grew up on the Pacific coast. If you drive on the coastal roads, there are a lot of curves and corners. And for some reason, when I would take corners I did so in a jerky corner-y manner, not the smooth-flowy way you should. In the image below, I used to drive like the red line: in a straight line until I had to turn or I’d drive off the road. Nowadays, I drive smoothly, like Google Maps’ blue line.taking cornersI’m sure my driving has changed, for the better, in many other ways, but this one issue is something I noticed a big difference with. Have you noticed how your driving changed over the years?


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