Nine months

Where has another month gone? The days are getting longer and brighter and midsummer will be here before we know it! And there’s only 3 months left before I head back to work, only part time, but still, I’m not ready. I know it is still spring, but it feels like summer is here. We are enjoying this warm summer-like weather we have right now. We’re definitely not cold. A lot less clothing to put on, which makes heading out the door easier. I am trying to enjoy every moment and not think too much about going back to work in the fall. Three months is a quarter of a year. A lot can still happen and will happen in that time!

Weight & Length: Paxlet hasn’t gained much weight (only 155 g) in the last month, but he has grown taller (1,5 cm)! The lady who measured him said most likely from now on out he won’t be gaining heaps of weight each month as he is so active. I get that.
Weight as of Tuesday is 9 kilos 585 grams (Just over 21 pounds) and length is 71,5 centimeters (28.15 inches).

Sleeping: Sleep has been much better this month, except for the last week-ish. Paxlet sleeps most of the night through without needing to feed in the middle of the night. As it stands right now, I give him porridge and some fruit just before bed, then I boob feed him to sleep. He’ll wake up a few times during the night, but most often I can just shh-pat him back to sleep, in his own crib! He usually comes into bed with us sometime in the early morning (3, 4, 5 am). Most times he just seems to need to be near me and will go back to sleep and then I can wait until 5, 6 or 7 am to feed him again. On the good days, wake up is at 7 am and the rare and extremely great days wake up is at 8 am, but most days it is more difficult to get him to sleep until at least 6:30.

But, Paxlet is sleeping in his bed throughout most of the night and he is sleeping most of the nights through (except last night) and no more night feeds most nights. One of these days I’ll try moving his crib into his own room and see how that works!

Eating: We’ve still got just the two bottom teeth. They are razor sharp! Thankfully he doesn’t really try to bite with them. I keep thinking we’ll get the top two any day now, but so far that hasn’t happened. No worries, we’re not in a rush here.

I’ve been making more mixed foods (barley & carrot casserole, soups) and just yesterday pasta with tomato and more veggies. Paxlet is a (messy) champ at feeding himself. I wanted to do Baby Led Weaning (better described as Baby Self Feeding), but settled for a mixture of me feeding him and letting him feed himself. It works quite well for us and he does pretty good with his ‘pincher grasp’ and the ‘grab and splat his hand on his face’ methods. He’s also able to hand quite chunky foods too.

However, Paxlet will not eat store bought jarred meat and veggies. Which I guess says something for my cooking? In any case, I prefer making what food I can for him, but it sure would be nice to know that if needed I could just grab a jar of something from the store and feed him. Although, a jar of fruit for an entire meal here and there won’t hurt him.

Clothing: We’ve had to move up to size 74 (9mo) and 80 (12m0) for pants as anything smaller is just too short. But t-shirts and bodies are still good in sizes 70, 74 and a few 80’s. We’ve even got a couple of 18mo clothes that fit him just fine right now.

Hair: He’s got the cutest curls in the back. Almost like a mallard duck tail. The rest of his hair is growing and very blond still. Some random strands of hair a much longer than the rest, so I think we’ll need a trim at some point. From further away, he still looks bald.

Personality: Friends, who see Paxlet often, and strangers a like comment on how happy he is. He really is a happy baby/little boy. He’s also been showing his independent streak and tantrum throwing side of himself this last month. He lets us know when he doesn’t like something. I can’t help but laugh most of the time as it really is just too cute.

This little boy is also a talker. He talks with his mouth full of food, he talks and screeches in the bus with a sock or toy in his mouth and he talks to his toys and cats at home. That is definitely a trait of mine. hahah

Milestones & Firsts: Earlier this month saw us visiting the doctor for a linger cough and snottiness to find out he had an ear infection, which also means his first round of antibiotics. Big sad face. I was hoping to not have any ear infections or antibiotics during his first year.

Just yesterday Paxlet got his feet in some (still cold) lake water. I’m not sure if he cried when I took him out of it or that his feet were cold. I can’t wait to put him in his little Moomin swimsuit and play in the water more.

Paxlet is a cruiser! He can stand up and sit down on his own and he can move from one piece of furniture to another. He still lets go sometimes and falls, but not nearly as often. He has also started climbing stairs. I bought gates for the top and bottom of our stairs on Monday, now we just need to install them!

Peek-a-boo is a favorite game, especially when Mr Siili plays it with him. The best is when you hide behind something (even a tissue will do) and appear from different places (up, left, right, down). He loves the anticipation and surprise of where you’ll show up. Paxlet will just let out crazy belly laughs. We can’t help but laugh along.

Another favorite is books. Paxlet just can’t get enough of books: his own baby books and bigger “kid/adult” books. He’s definitely figured out that you can turn the pages and not just close a book. The unfortunate thing is if it is a proper book with think paper pages, he isn’t always so gentle. No pages have been torn, but he has accidentally ripped of the cover of an old The Cat in the Hat Returns book. 😦 We’ll fix the book and he’ll learn. So will we.


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