Happy Birthday, Dad!

My dad is 59 years old today. That may not seem too old, but several of his friends have already passed away from heart attacks, accidents or other illnesses. And when he was here in December, I could visibly see he has aged. I mean, he’s still in quite good shape, but doing construction work all his life has been rough on the body. Also, his hearing isn’t as good as it used to be (due to loud machinery) and it felt that half the time he would just nod and smile or say “uhh-huh”. Which was quite frustrating, especially when he would ask a question to which I had just answered. But he’s my dad and I love him so.

I liked the post I did for my mom’s birthday this year and thought I’d do the same for my dad.


Unlike my mom, I’ve always called my dad by his name, Bob (Robert). I have no idea why, I just always have.

When I was little, I loved my dad telling me stories about “when he was little” for bedtime stories. The ones that stick in my mind the most are the times he or one of his friends would lay by the side of the road/street as if they were hurt. When a car would stop, they’d jump up and run away. This same group of friends and my dad would fill a coffee can full of rocks, attach a string to it and put it near the side of the road (seeing a theme here?) and when a car would drive by, they would pull the string, making it sound as if something had fallen off or was wrong with the car.

Several years ago when I was visiting my family in the US, I went out in the ocean with my dad crabbing in his little boat. This day happened to be the most perfect day for crabbing. Not only did we get a decent amount of crab, but the ocean was flat. I mean, IT WAS FLAT! No wind, no waves, just a glass like surface. That had never happened before or since for me, maybe even my dad too and that says a lot as he’s lived next to the ocean his entire life.

Camping. My dad took us camping growing up. Sometimes it was in a camping park, other times he would just pull over next to a river and we’d really camp. Catching crawdads in the river and then cooking them was always fun.
One year, he picked us kids up from our grandparents house (my mom’s mom and stepdad) and we camped on the way home. One evening a deer came close enough that we got a good picture of it. I saw the camera flash flash in the deer’s eyes. Unfortunately, that picture didn’t turn out.

When I was 20, I had a party in my apartment and the cops busted it. I went to court and was fined $1 000,00. I didn’t tell my parents about this until after it was over and I was paying the fine, slowly but surely. My parents were only disappointed that I didn’t feel I could tell them that I had had to go to court. Not long after, I got a speeding ticket (I’m still upset about this ticket, it was in the most stupid spot and the speed limit was raised soon after). I told my dad about the speeding ticket and he paid for it.

Today is my dad’s birthday. We Skyped and he got to see Paxlet crawl. I got to see my dad and talk with him. I hope it was as special for him as it was for me. Habby birthday, Bob!


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