I’ve liked the idea of baby signing for quite some time. I know one of my cousins did it with her little ones and I’ve talked to a few others who have done it also. They said it was great and helped them communicate with their kids before they could speak. So, like everything else having to do with Paxlet*, I figured I’d give it a go and see if it works for us or not.

When Paxlet was 4 months old or so, I started holding my arms out to him, usually when he was in the bouncy chair, and then ask him if he wanted up. Within a couple of days of this he started holding his arms out to me in reply. It was at this point that I figured I’d start with other baby sign language signs. Yes, I knew it was a bit early for Paxlet to understand and use them himself, as I’ve read that they don’t really get it until around 9 months of age.

Upon the suggestion of Baby Sign Language, I started us with 5 signs: mom, dad, (breast) milk, more and cat. The first couple of weeks I used them quite regularly when talking with Paxlet. As time went on, I kept up with more and milk the most regularly and the others as I remembered them. Recently, within the last couple of weeks, I’ve even added a new sign: all done. As Paxlet learns some of the signs, we’ll introduce more of them.

The amazing thing is, this baby signing really works! I realized this last week that Paxlet has been signing “more“. He does his version of “more” when he is in his highchair and he is either waiting for me to get his food ready or I am too slow in getting the spoon to his mouth for the next bite. His hand/finger skills aren’t too coordinated yet, so his sign isn’t quite a copy of mine (fingertips on each hand held together and then bringing the hands together and then apart a few times), but he’s definitely putting his hands together in a clapping motion. It is usually accompanied with some bouncing in the chair as well.Now to figure out ‘more’ signs we can add.
*Regarding birth, cloth diapers, breast feeding, etc, I’ve always said I’d give it a go (without meds for the birth) and if it works, I’ll continue doing it and if it doesn’t work, I’ll stop.


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