Happiest news for a friend

One of my friends, who started TTC around the same time as Mr Siili and I, is 10 weeks pregnant after her first IVF!! I can honestly say I am so very happy for her with my entire heart. There is no IF knee-jerk negative gut reaction this time. I cried tears of utter happiness when I read her news.

This friend came to me last year, knowing I was pregnant and that we had needed help to get there. She told me that they too had been trying for many years and it wasn’t working. She wanted to know how we got the ball rolling to see if we qualified for the public IF clinic and what treatments we did.

My friend qualified for the public clinic, but because of her age (same as me), they were going to skip trying IUIs and start her right off with IVF. Except there was a 6 month wait for this. Fast Slow forward a bit and her treatment was in January.

I had lunch with her about a week before she was to test. I told her that I am here for her, but I won’t be asking any questions, I’ll wait for her to talk if and when she’s ready. So, I’ve been waiting to hear from my friend. Alternately, I’ve been worrying that it didn’t work and she hasn’t wanted to talk and also thinking that it did work and she was waiting a bit before saying anything. I am so thrilled it is the latter.

The funny thing is, I was JUST thinking of her yesterday. I was thinking to myself that I hope and can’t wait to go baby stuff shopping with her and show her where all the children’s second hand stores are. This is so exciting!


4 thoughts on “Happiest news for a friend

  1. This is so wonderful to hear! My best friend is going through stims right now on her first IVF and I really hope I’m writing the same blog post in just a few weeks! Congrats to your friend!

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