Seven months

It’s Easter weekend and here in Finland it’s a 4-day weekend. Being on maternity leave, it doesn’t have too much effect on me, except for Mr Siili having a few extra days at home with us. Although, Paxlet and I have spent the last few days with his mummi and pappa (my in-laws). We’ll head home in a couple hours to spend the rest of the extended weekend with Mr Siili. Hopefully Mr Siili will be over his cold and feeling better and well rested.

Paxlet has really enjoyed his time with mummi and pappa. The first day he was a bit shy. He was quieter than normal (but also still getting over his cold) and didn’t explore too much. But now, he’s chatting up a storm and unstoppable. I love seeing him like this. It means he is feeling well, comfortable with his surroundings and people and just being his usual active and sweet self.

I’ve started calling Paxlet my/our little dolphin because of his squeaks and screeches. On FB I recently said that our little guy understand (loosely) Finnish and English, but he is fluent in Dolphin.

Weight & Length: We won’t have our next neuvola appointment until he’s 8 months old. I have no clue how much he weighs. Definitely more than the 8 kilos 625 grams (19 pounds, close enough) of last month.

Sleeping: This has been all over the place. Partly due to being sick and in the last couple of days due to a new environment. When Paxlet does sleep well, it is wonderful! Knowing that he can sleep several hours in a row and even sometimes in his own crib, helps me get through the nights and days when he hasn’t slept too well.

I’ve moved his crib into our room, right next to my side of the bed. He’s slept in it a few times, but never an entire night. That’s ok, we’ll get there someday.

Morning wake-up times are anywhere between 5:30 and 7:00. I am sure the coming spring and lighter mornings are to blame. We need to get darker curtains for our room and Paxlet’s room. If I can get to sleep at an early enough time, the very early wake-ups aren’t so bad, but man oh man, the days are looooong!

Eating: No teeth still. I’m perfectly happy with that.

This little boy of ours eats like a champ! He loves food! Paxlet is still getting lots of breast milk, but he is also eating more solid foods. This month we’ve introduced broccoli (he loves it), cauliflower (eh, not that impressed), pear, mango,  corn, raspberry (in porridge) and just in the last couple of days banana (not that impressed), avocado and peach. Most foods I have prepared myself, except for fruits, minus banana.
Oh, when Mr Siili feeds Paxlet, hilarity ensues. Paxlet seems to think it is quite funny when daddy feeds him. He chatters more and won’t stop sticking his tongue out. He rarely does that with me. lol

While we’ve been at mummi’s, she showed us how to let Paxlet drink (water) from cup. He now can’t get enough of it. The reason she showed us this was that I tried giving Paxlet some thinned porridge (in Finnish velli) in a bottle, but he just played with it. With a cup we can get him to possibly drink it. We’ll have to see how it works.

Clothing: I’ve pulled out all size 68 clothes from the selection and now it is all 6-9 month clothing only. Most of the bigger clothes are still a bit big on Paxlet, so they should last at least a little while.

Hair: It’s still as blond as ever, but it is growing little by little. His hair is so soft. I love playing with it.

Personality: Sweet, happy and full of life. He just chatters away when he’s happy and I can’t help but enjoy it all. Sometimes I sit back and marvel at his happy talking and other times I join in. He just lights up!

Many people have comment on how serious and observant Paxlet is. He really watches what people are doing, especially me.

Milestones & Firsts*: Since I’m not at home, I don’t have the What to Expect – the First Year book in front of me to see what milestones he’s reached, so this month will just be my ramblings (like usual).

At 6,5 months old, Paxlet started crawling!! Our little boy is mobile and into everything. I love it! One morning he was creeping towards the cat food bowls and I gently pulled him away from them and left him on all fours. From that he just started crawling back to the cat food bowls! Since then, he hasn’t stopped and in fact, has only gotten better and faster.
Before he was crawling, he was doing a lot of downward dog yoga poses. He now uses that in connection with crawling when he wants to go up and over things, such as the molding in the bathroom and rugs or blankets that are in his way.

In addition, now that crawling is so old school, he’s also starting to climb up on things. Generally he is still on his knees when he does this but sometimes he even gets up to his feet. He climbs up on my legs, chairs, the bottom step (to go upstairs) and kitchen table. Basically anything he can.

I am also his personal Johnny Jump-up. Bouncing in momma’s arms and lap is tremendously fun!

Paxlet had his first fever(s), doctor visit (outside the scheduled check ups) and trip to the ER this month. Thankfully, Panadol, momma’s milk, snuggles and time made everything better.

A new fun past time of Paxlet’s is shaking his head back and forth. He also copied daddy clapping. With momma, he just blows slobbery raspberries and says aaah-baaa-baa wherever he can find bare skin (collarbone, thighs, tummy, hands, etc).

Some things Paxlet doesn’t like me taking away from him, such as the water glass, paper and anything else that he is very interested in. Sometimes he fusses and other times it’s no big deal.

Paxlet is sometimes shy of people and will start crying if they get too close and look at him. It’s not only doctors that get the treatment these days. I notice he does it more when he is tired or has just woken up.


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