Momma instincts plus Daddy instincts

I’m reminded of the joke that goes like this:
A mommy duck, a daddy duck and a baby duck were getting ready to migrate. The mommy duck said, “My instincts tell me to go north.” The daddy duck said, “My instincts tell me to go south.” The baby bird said,”My instincts don’t tell me anything, they just stink!”

Paxlet has a runny nose again. We finally got over the influenza/cold from a few weeks ago, to have Paxlet get sick again. It started Sunday with a runny nose and slight cough from the constant drip down his throat. Monday, it was much worse. By around 9:00 pm, Paxlet had been put to bed, woke up screaming and then decided to be happy and cute playing like crazy. He was also breathing quite heavily, with his tongue out. Having his tongue out is nothing new, he does that from the moment he wakes until he passes out at night, but this time it seemed a bit different.

Mr Siili and I discussed, hemmed and hawed about whether we should call (before 10:00 pm) to make a doctor’s appointment for Tuesday morning or was it bad enough to just go to the ER. We couldn’t make up our minds. I felt like Paxlet was sneezing and coughing just like he was with his last cold, minus the fever and when I took Paxlet to the doctor, everything was fine. He was coughing because of the snot. But Mr Siili kept saying he was concerned, so I was questioning myself. I called Mr Siili’s mom to ask her advice, she’s a retired midwife. (I would have called my mom is she was alive.) In the end, I just wanted my mind at ease so I took Paxlet to the ER. We spent 2 hours there to be told he was fine. Ears are clear, lungs are clear and with no fever (that showed up this afternoon), he just has a runny nose and a cough because of the snot. Ugh.

So, you mix together my instincts, Mr Siili’s instincts and we just stink. We also get a very tired momma and baby. At least the baby took a couple of short naps in his stroller today.


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