Is this really real?

I haven’t had to pinch myself, but sometimes I still find myself wondering if this, actually having a child, is really happening. Usually this feeling of un-reality happens when Paxlet and I are on the bus and I am moving the stroller over for another mom & stroller to get on or off the bus. Or when I am pushing the stroller down the street and I pass another mom pushing her stroller. Even sometimes seeing a small kid interact with their parent and it dawns on me that I’ll have an experience like that sometime in the near future-ish. And even still, when I am at home with Paxlet snuggling with him or doing something totally mundane.

Paxlet is 6,5 months old and I still can’t believe it at times that I actually have a little boy to call my very own. This really is real!!


2 thoughts on “Is this really real?

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