Six months

Paxlet turned 6 months on the 30th, which doesn’t exist in February. So, I decided to post this a few days late, because I wanted to have the newest weight and length figures when I published this and today was our neuvola date. That decision to wait has turned to my advantage because I have been so very sick this last week. I caught whatever flu-bug that is going around and I have been very miserable. Just ask Mr Siili, I’m sure he’ll tell you he’s been miserable with me being miserable.

And today, Paxlet has a runny nose and for the first time ever: a fever. I gave him some Panadol (paracetamol) and he’s feeling a bit better, but he is still quite whiny and very clingy**. My boy is hardly ever whiny! Poor thing!

Weight & Length: This month, Paxlet hit sort of a plateau and didn’t gain as much as I thought he had. Today, at neuvola he weighed in at 8 kilos 625 grams (19 pounds, close enough) and 67,5 cm (26,6 in)

Sleeping: Sleep is going much better at the moment!!!! We started sleep training again about a week and a half ago and this time around it is much better. There has been very little screaming and no boob-attachment at night, except for feeds. Paxlet is still sleeping in the same bed with me, and he scoots over to put his hands on me at night, but he is not attached too my boob!! He is also consistently going 3,5 to 4 hours between feeds and most times between waking. If he does wake, most often I can shh/pat him back to sleep in seconds. There has even been one night when he went 5 hours between feeds and waking!!!

Eating: I finally started him on solids at about 5,5 months, but he is still mostly taking breast milk. This was difficult for me to do, although I’m not sure why. Paxlet eats like a champ and loves the food he has tasted so far: carrot, potato, sweet potato, rice porridge and plums. I am making most of the food for him for now and only have few jars of baby food, just in case.

Clothing:  He is now wearing 70-74, with only a few 68’s left.

Hair:  He has hair, it is just very very very blond.

Personality: Paxlet is a talker. He must definitely get that from me. He starts chatting the moment he wakes up, especially from naps, and he doesn’t stop until he is asleep as he often times talks himself to sleep.
We also think he might be left-handed. Much to my pleasure and Mr Siili’s dismay (he says it jokingly, I think).

Milestones & Firsts*:
Towards the beginning of the month, Paxlet started tapping things. At first it was just the floor, our hands/legs and his own thighs and now it is his toys or other objects. We thinking he might learn to clap his own hands some time soon, or not.

Spitting up is mostly non-existent. It only happens a few times a week. I love it!

Paxlet is playing on the floor with his toys a bit more independently. He can sometimes go 5 to 10 minutes happily chatting, playing and scooting around on the floor without either of us having to be right there. It is fun to watch him when he does this. It is also nice to make a cup of tea or get a bite to eat.

Just last night, Paxlet started smacking his lips together in what I’m pretty sure will be ma-ma-ma/ba-ba-ba/pa-pa-pa sounds.

…should be able to:
-nothing in this category that he isn’t already doing

…will probably be able to:
sit without support – he has gotten much more steady in the last couple of weeks. He still falls over once and a while, but not as often anymore. (Like last weekend which left a lump on his head. I wasn’t in the room, daddy was!) The hands are also shooting out to the sides to catch him if he does lean too far.

razz (make a wet razzing sound) – these are in full force, along with tons of spit

…may possibly be able to:
work to get to a toy out of reach – He has been doing this lately. He’s much happier now that he is able to move forward more than previously.

pass a cube or other object form one hand to the other – I have seen him do this, but Mr Siili doesn’t think he is really doing it yet.

look for dropped object – He does look for an object, but if it is out of sight for more than a few seconds, he still forgets about it.

…may even be able to:
creep or crawl – Paxlet definitely creeps by pulling himself along on the floor and the bed! He can also do a one-two crawl with either knees or hands, but not really both and not more than that.

pick up tiny objects with any part of thumb and finger – This is sort of a hit and miss. Mr Siili and I have seen him grab at itty bitty things (labels on toys and the antenna on a bumble bee) but he doesn’t do it all the time or with everything.


*I’ve been using the What to Expect – The First Year by Heidi Murkoff for a majority of the milestones, in addition to adding events/things Mr Siili and I have noticed not mentioned in the book. I’m mostly only sharing the ones that are new this month and not repeating everything, or this post will get very long!

**I started writing this post in the morning, but because of Paxlet’s clingy-ness, I am only just finishing it at 9:40pm now that he has finally gone to sleep. I hope he sleeps longer than 30 minutes at a time, which is what his naps were today. I need sleep tonight!


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