The sleeping saga continues

Tonight is the third night in which I have consistently put Paxlet to bed without my boob in his mouth.

The first night it took 20 minutes and I praised myself for a job well done. He awoke a while later and it took another 20 minutes to get him to sleep. Next time he woke, he didn’t go back to sleep for a couple of hours. We spent that awake time with him, ever so cutely, crawling around the bed playing with toys and me reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Paxlet woke up way too early. I was exhausted.

The second night it only took 10-ish minutes to get Paxlet to sleep. I stayed in the room finishing up the HP book and shhhh/patting him if he stirred like he might wake up. He did wake up at some point, I think I got him back to sleep. I gave in at some point in the night and gave him my boob so we could all get some sleep.

Tonight is night three and it took 45 minutes to get him to sleep. Before he zonked out (with a binkie in his mouth of all things!), his screaming got worse. Mr Siili said Paxlet must have gotten my “don’t-you-shush-me gene”.

He has now been asleep for an hour. I give him one more before he wakes up. So, I am now again sitting in bed waiting to shhhh/pat him if he stirs. I know I should be trying to get some sleep myself, but it is difficult to go to bed so early.

I hope this all pays off sooner rather than later and I can start getting more sleep without a boob in his mouth and that we all get more sleep at night.


2 thoughts on “The sleeping saga continues

  1. Good luck. Sitting in bed waiting for them to wake is the worst. I know I am constantly debating whether to try to go back to sleep or to stay awake because at any moment she will start crying. It always happens that I finally go back to sleep right before she wakes.

  2. I just realised I hadn’t read your blog in ages, then realised it was cos I hadn’t updated my blogroll. Sorry about that!

    The Boy still goes to sleep with a bottle (we switched to formula at about 7 months), we brush his teeth after when he’s half asleep. I spoke to someone recently whose 5 year old still needed a bottle to sleep – maybe we need to break the habit now!

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