Carrot smoosh

I’ve had several topics for blogs in my head, but I’ve just been in such a writing slump and lack of time that I haven’t written anything. And now that I have a few minutes, I’m not in the mood to write, again.

Paxlet got his first taste of solid food (smooshed up) this last weekend. I boiled a carrot, put it in the baby food grinder*, spooned out a bit, added a bit of water and proceeded to feed Paxlet his first bit of food. I had to force coerce Mr Siili into video recording it just incase Paxlet made funny faces. Paxlet made no funny faces, he just wanted the spoon and he wanted it in his mouth. The subsequent times that I have given him carrot, he has been more interested in eating the food, but the spoon is still fun to grab. I should get a couple more spoons at some point.

I’ll continue to feed him carrot for a few more days and then introduce something else. I’m thinking potato, broccoli or sweet potato. We’ll see.

*My mom had bought the food grinder before she died and my sister and stepmom shipped it to me as part of my baby shower gift. It is also the type that I remember her using with my siblings.


One thought on “Carrot smoosh

  1. I also made my husband take a video of the first food and he thought I was nuts, but they only try a first food once. I’ll bet that moment was extra special for you because of the grinder from your mom.

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