Quick update on sleeping

Paxlet basically just put himself to sleep!!! WITHOUT my boob in his mouth!

We did our getting ready for bed as usual, then we lay down and I fed him. After eating a bit, he needed to be burped, so I sat him up and patted his back. After he burped Paxlet acted as if he didn’t want tolay down, so I gave him his stuffed dolphin. Paxlet calmly and quietly played for a bit before twisting around and flopped/laid down to play with his night light that he spotted. Soon after he saw his binkie and put it in his mouth, upside down. Paxlet then layed his head down, on his tummy, with the binkie still in his mouth, but just didn’t seem comfortable. I helped him turn in his side, back to me. I held his arms to stop them from flailing and sang him Hush Little Baby (3 times). He fell asleep!!!


I don’t know how long he will sleep, but I don’t care! I hope it means he is calming down and feeling safe again after our horrible failed CIO attempts. This is such a great feeling, even if only a one off right now. This is a start.


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