The good stuff

First off, thank you everyone for the comments on my last post. They mean very much to me!

I feel as if I’ve done nothing but post about how horrible it is to get Paxlet to sleep without a boob in his mouth these paste few weeks. When in reality, it has only been 3 posts (first post, update, third post) out of the last 12 in two weeks. This is definitely one of those times when it is on my mind so much, that it feels that is all I talk about and that makes it feel overwhelming. As I was pondering this today, before I looked up the hard numbers, I decided I need to write a post about the good things. And even now when I realize it isn’t so bad, I still want to write about the good things. I mean, who doesn’t like to hear about the fuzzy, warm stuff?

Sleeping issues aside, Paxlet is a wonderful, sweet and happy little boy*. And truly, life is that good with him. (Issues with Mr Siili are another matter, but thankfully they aren’t that serious, although they make me want to scream some times.) I feel very lucky (and know I am lucky) to have such a happy, non-colic-y, non-fussy child, that just loves to be with his momma.

I love spending time with Paxlet, seeing him learn new things and how he is developing as a person. I just marvel at what he can do already, especially if I think back to a month or two ago. His learning curve is just amazing!

We started gently using the potty only a couple of weeks ago, but I think he is getting the hang of it. Sure, he can’t tell me yet when he needs to go or that he wants to go on the potty, but if I put him on it regularly, he uses it. It is also tons of fun sitting with him in the bathroom while waiting for him to go. He loves chewing on my hands/fingers, plays with his toes, laughs with me and just seems to have a good time all around.

Paxlet gives the cutest hugs, with slobber on top. He doesn’t give hugs all the time, but I love them when I get them. He’s just a busy little boy with too much to do and see to spend all his time cuddling. Sometimes when he does give a hug, it turns in to a slobber fest with him trying to eat my chin. Mr Siili and I laugh saying I’ve got a vampire on me. Paxlet thinks it is funny and laughs.

This little boy loves, just LOVES our kitties. Maybe someday the feeling will be mutual. Until then, we’ll continue to help him pet the cats and show him how they should be loved without the fur pulling.

Life might not be perfect, but it sure is pretty great. I’m trying to take it one day at a time and remember as much as I can. (The daily journal/blog I keep of Paxlet’s doings sure does help.)

*He is a little boy/toddler these days, he’s no longer a baby, but he will always be my baby!


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