Five months and one day

I waited one day to post this so that I could actually have Paxlet’s weight and length in this post as today was his 5 month neuvola appointment. He freaked out when the nurse came near him. I don’t think he’s forgotten about last month’s incident with the doctor who check for his startle reflex. Yes, he startled something fierce.

Weight & Length: My little boy is weighing in at 8 kilos 365 grams (18 pounds 4 ounces) and measuring 66,5 centimeters (26,18 inches) long.

Sleeping: This is the big issue around our house right now. Paxlet only wants to sleep with a boob in his mouth, which causes me to sleep in a funky position that hurts my back and neck. Even if he falls asleep (and I don’t fall asleep) and I manage to remove my boob, he wakes up after 10-20 minutes and cries/screams if he doesn’t get the boob back immediately. This is worse than what I had written last month. I blame it on the couple of times we have tried to get him to sleep without a boob and much screaming ensued. After that, he has wanted the boob even more. So, we need to work on getting him to sleep without my boob in his mouth. I am trying to prepare myself for some heartbreaking screaming nights coming up.

Eating: Paxlet is still being exclusively breast fed. Although, the nurse today suggested starting him slowly on purées to see if that will help him sleep better at night (even though I explained that I don’t think he is want the boob all night because he is hungry, but rather for comfort. No, he won’t take a binkie.)

Diapers: Disposable all the way. I haven’t even bothered with cloth. I have bought a little potty a couple of weeks ago and we’ve been getting good use out of it. I try putting Paxlet on the potty when he wakes up, after eating and when we change his diaper. Many times he has gone pee and poo on there, but most of all, it is just fun playing with his feet, chewing on my hands and sitting up.

Clothing: We are now officially into 6 month (size 68) clothes, with a few 9 month (size 74) pieces thrown in.
I finally realized his others were way too small. It only dawned on me after the hundredth or so time he up-shat (poo going up the back of his diaper and out the top onto his clothes) his clothes that the bodies were too tight and not allowing the poo to go in the diaper (at the bottom). I put on bigger clothes and we’ve rarely had that issue now. Yay!

Hair: It is still very blond and short but it is growing.

Personality: Paxlet is such a sweet, smiley and happy boy. Mr Siili and I are both just so awed at how lovely he is and we hope we don’t screw it up. Hahaha

Milestones & Firsts*: We think we’re going to have a mobile baby on our hands pretty soon. Paxlet is scootching backwards on his tummy when we lay him on the floor (and proceeds to get frustrated that the toys are no longer in reach). He is also up on all fours, but hasn’t gotten the concept of crawling. He does, however, rock a bit to get his knees to move forward and then flops forward. In that way he is able to sometimes move forward a bit. On the bed is a whole different story, he inches forward quite quickly like an inch-worm.

I’ve started baby sign with Paxlet. Right now I’m working on introducing mom, dad, milk, more and cat. I started with these signs already because at the beginning of the year, I started holding my hands out to him (asking him if he wanted up) before I picked him up from his bouncy chair. After a day or two he started holding his hands out to me, even when I just walked by and didn’t offer my hands. I figured if he could put that together that quickly, it was a good time to start with baby sign.

Feet are fun to play with, especially when the diaper is being changed.

Paxlet is so infatuated with the cats. Unfortunately, they still don’t care for him too much. Mansi will come closer and does run the risk of Paxlet grabbing her fur, but we’re keeping a close eye on him to not let that happen. If anyone will freak, we’re sure it is Mansi. Also, Paxlet doesn’t like us helping him pet the cats, he wants to do it on his own!

Spitting up is mostly a thing of the past! About two weeks ago, I just noticed it is happening a lot less. I’m loving it!

…should be able to:
reach for an object – nothing is safe around Paxlet anymore. He wants my tea mug, plate, fork, necklace, hair…you name it, he sees it, he wants it…to put in his mouth.

smile back when you smile – This just melts my heart. Especially when I go get him from his nap and the first thing he does is smile back at me…and then stick his tongue out.

…will probably be able to:
razz (make a wet razzing sound) – I think he is making this sound. He at least is doing the action, minus his tongue sticking out. He’s still only pursing his lips together and blowing, which produces sound and lots of spit. There just isn’t tongue action yet.

…may possibly be able to:
sit without support – We do have this! So long as we sit him up right, Paxlet will be fine, until he leans to the left or right.
Yesterday was one of the first times that I was out and about when Paxlet had already taken his nap, was fed and had his diaper changed. (Most times I plan my errands and out-and-about stuff while he’ll take his long nap.) I didn’t want to try and get him to sleep immediately, so I just sat him up in his stroller and wandered around the store for a while. He seemed to love seeing all the new sights. I had fun interacting with him and watching others smile at his very apparent happiness.

…may even be able to:
stand holding on to someone or something – Paxlet stands when we hold him, but he isn’t freely holding on to us or furniture yet. I’ll have to test it out when I put some non-slip socks on (or barefooted, but the floor is chilly at times).

work to get to a toy out of reach – Paxlet does this often. He also gets frustrated if he can’t get to the toy.

pass a cube or other object form one hand to the other

look for dropped object – He sometimes looks or twists for a toy if it is still in sight, but out of reach. He’s still mostly in the “out of sight, out of mind” phase.

*I’ve been using the What to Expect – The First Year by Heidi Murkoff for a majority of the milestones, in addition to adding events/things Mr Siili and I have noticed not mentioned in the book. I’m mostly only sharing the ones that are new this month and not repeating everything, or this post will get very long!


2 thoughts on “Five months and one day

  1. What did the doctor do to check his startle reflex? I didn’t know this was to be expected! I can’t believe Paxlet has already used the potty…that’s amazing!

    • The doctor(s) has checked the startle reflex (aka Moro reflex) since the first visit. It is an involuntary reflex that all babies (should) have up until 3-4 months. Usually the baby is laying down and they support the baby’s back & head with their hands and then let the baby drop a bit. This causes the baby to throw its arms out. A self preservation and very primitive movement. You can see babies do this on their own in their sleep or just laying there. Paxlet doesn’t do it anymore, which is as it should be.

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