What the…?!?!

Where did my post from last night go?! This is the second time a post of mine has disappeared! I know it was there, I got comments on it. I only see the follow-up Draft-post to last night’s post. It’s a draft only, I haven’t even published it, yet it has the comments attached to it from last night’s posts. I WANT THAT POST BACK!

Can anyone help me figure out what WordPress is doing to my posts? Please?!

p.s. If someone can see my post from last night, can you please copy/paste it to me in an email at jsththr @ gmail.com

p.p.s. I managed to find an old “revision” of it in WordPress and restored it. I have no idea what happened and I hope it is close to being the finished one I published. I’m too frustrated to go back and check it for now.

UPDATE: Thank you, Samantha. I now have my post recovered!


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