The day after

It’s the morning after an evening of tears, screaming and just plain miserableness. I’m sitting here eating homemade banana bread (toasted with butter and peanut butter* on it) and drinking hot chocolate and tea while Paxlet takes a quick morning nap. I’m feeling much better after a night of decent sleep. Paxlet is too, by the grins and giggles he gave me this morning upon waking.

After almost an hour of Paxlet crying and screaming with only a couple of very short breaks, I just couldn’t handle it any more and went to “rescue” him. He stopped crying after being in my arms for a couple of minutes and then was very calm and happy for the next hour until I took him upstairs for bed (a bit early). He was so tired that after eating, he took a binkie to fall asleep (instead of my boob) with only putting up a minimal fuss. When he awoke 3+ hours later for a feed, he wouldn’t take a binkie this time. We fought over it for 30+ minutes (maybe even more like an hour) and I just gave in. I gave him my boob and once he fell asleep, I took my boob away and slept more on my own. When he woke up the 3rd time early in the morning, I didn’t fight him and just let him eat and then when he fell asleep I took my boob away.

I know this isn’t the most ideal situation, but it worked better for me. So long as I can stay awake long enough to take my boob away from him after he falls back asleep, I can move to a more comfortable position to sleep in. One that doesn’t kink my back or neck. We have a neuvola appointment next week on his 5 month birthday, I will ask about sleep training then.

*I’ve not tried peanut butter on it before, but OH! MY! It is yummy.


3 thoughts on “The day after

  1. You could try propping yourself with some pillows behind your back, it helps with the support. I was using the breastfeeding pillow, but now I got used to adjust my position without needing it anymore. I also use a small pillow to help my neck stay aligned with the spine, and it has worked wonders. I was using something like five big pillows in the beginning, I would practically sleep sitting up, and it was not a good idea. Keep trying to improve the sleeping situation, when you are rested enough. You will be surprised to find out what works for you and your baby. 🙂

    • Thank you, Mina. I have been putting a small pillow against my back lately and it does help. I’m mentally preparing and gearing up for some sleep training very soon…maybe next week? I just want to talk to the nurse first at our appointment next week.

  2. ICLW #55. Have you heard of the Wonder Weeks? Google it and check out their site. At almost 5 months (19 weeks), you might be trying to make a change during a mental leap, and that complicates things a lot.

    We never did sleep training – just worked on me slipping away after they were asleep. It can take a little time to get them used to the movement of you getting out of bed without them, but it might be a compromise between the crib and co-sleeping.

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