Play date – update

Sometimes I hate technology or maybe it is myself who is to blame. I spent a lot of time typing up this post and now it is nowhere to be found! Ugh!


I spent most of this week cleaning and organizing our house and thinking of what snacks/treats I wanted to serve for today’s play date. It was pretty much all for nothing. Out of the 10 moms (plus their kids) that I invited, only one showed up with her two daughters. Yes, I know I should be grateful for the one, but part of me is having a hard time with it right now. I never expected everyone to show up and some of the ones that didn’t come had very legitimate reasons (out of the country, sick, other things planned), but I had hoped that at least my closest 3-4 friends would have shown.

A different friend has already sent out her email invitation for a (copy cat) play date next month. The bitter part of me thinks “I bet everyone will make it to her play date”. To which, I know I should be happy if everyone does make it because then I will be able to see all my friends. But I wanted MY play date to be successful!


Today, Mr Siili, Paxlet, my friend R and her two beautiful daughters (3,5 years & 3,5 months) and I played with toys and cats, drank tea, ate snacks, chatted and had a good time. It was truly great to see R as we haven’t seen each other for a while.

Today was a good day. What really mattered today was the quality of guests, not the quantity.


3 thoughts on “Play date – update

  1. Sorry to hear that your playdate didn’t work out exactly as you had planned. I can so relate to the worry of why the others didn’t show up and that they probably will all show up at the other mom’s date. I also know that telling you that this train of thought is unnecessary and stupid doesn’t change the fact that you feel sad about it all either 🙂 Try to focus on the nice afternoon you had and not to dwell on that other stuff.

    Your first post must have shown up somewhere, because I at least got that one in my feedreader as well. Can’t explain why though…

    • Thank you Liljan98. I know I need to focus on the positive and that is what I am doing now that I got the negative out of my mind. 🙂
      If you can see and read my first post, can you send it to me via email? *grin*

  2. Sorry to hear about that. It is such a bummer to have worked so hard and spent so much time thinking about it, and then have just one person show up… I know how it feels and it plain sucks.

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