Three months

My little boy is 3 months old today. People have been warning me that time flies by quickly and I have no doubt about it, especially now. It is amazing how much he has changed in these three months, much less the amount of changes in just this last month!

I’m thoroughly enjoying watching Paxlet grow, learn and discover new things. I am truly content to experience the here and now and to see what happens as he progresses at his own pace. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’ll be happy when we sleep a bit longer at night and the boy’s a bit more interactive (sitting on his own, baking with me, coloring, etc). But for now, I’ll continue to enjoy the gorgeous smiles from my beautiful boy.

Weight & Length: We had our much waited for 3 month check up today and boy, oh boy! has Paxlet grown. He’s up almost a kilo in weight: 7 kilos 175 grams (15,8 pounds)! And he’s also grown 5 centimeters this month: 62,5 cm (24,6 inches).

Sleeping: We’re still constantly only getting 2-3 hours of sleep at a stretch with the occasional longer stretch thrown in. It’s usually not so bad, because most wake ups are Paxlet being hungry, for which I can give him a boob and we can both fall back asleep.
Also, Paxlet generally falls asleep either on the boob or by being so tired and walked to sleep. I know I need to start teaching him to fall asleep without either of those, but when I don’t have to go to work for a while still, I’m not so rushed yet.

Eating: Paxlet doesn’t choke or gag while eating as much anymore. I believe it is because he is older and can handle it better when my milk lets down, although we do get the occasional chocking fit. He also hasn’t had a cold since that first one at one month of age.

Diapers: I’ve tried cloth diapers once in the last month. The first attempt was fine. He wore it and dirtied it without any issues. I put a clean diaper on him right after that and he fussed to no end. We took it off and all was rosy again. I think it had to do with the lining of the 2nd diaper. It was a bit rougher and I think that is what Paxlet didn’t like. I should try diapers again…

Clothing: He is wearing size 60-68, although mostly 62s and 68s (2-4 months). I prefer clothes that don’t have zippers or buttons. Or, rather I wouldn’t mind zippers so much, if they used snaps for the last inch or two at the top. I just hate the way zippers bunch and bulge on saggy little baby bodies shoving the clothes up into their chins.

Hair: Paxlet’s hair is growing, slowly. It still looks like he doesn’t have much hair, but there is more than before.

Personality: He’s such a happy baby! Not only does he let us know how happy he is with his smiles, coos and talking, but he also lets us know when he isn’t happy with something. Thankfully there isn’t too much crying, but he is verbal with his desires.

Milestones & Firsts:
laugh out loud – I think we might have gotten a giggle/laugh on the 19th, but I am very sure that we got a full on laugh this past Monday night (26th). He wasn’t staying asleep when I tried to put him down, several times, so I figured we’d try a bath with the new “bath support” I’d just bought earlier that day. Previously he hasn’t really liked being in the bath and preferred showers, but after a few seconds hesitation, Paxlet decided he loved this bath support, grinned and then laughed! A real laugh! I can’t wait to hear more of those.

Paxlet has been practicing the Finnish vowels: o-o-o-o, ah-ah-ah and he finds if funny when his dad goes through all the Finnish vowels (a, e, i, o, u, y, ä, ö). Paxlet gets a big grin on his face.

smile spontaneously – This has been happening for quite some time. Paxlet smiles when he wakes up from a nap, when he looks at one of us and we turn our attention to him and even more recently, he has started smiling at strangers (when we are at some of the baby & mom clubs).

roll over (one way) – We’re only getting a half of a roll at the moment. By this I mean that Paxlet will go from his back to his left side and no further.

grasp a rattle held to backs or tips of fingers – Paxlet is grabbing things, like our fingers and clothing if it comes to near, but especially his spit rags! Spit rags are fun to chew on and coo into. He isn’t grabbing things 100% of the time yet, as I still don’t quite think he realizes those phalanges* at the end of his arms are his.

bear some weight on legs when held upright – This little boy couldn’t be any happier when he is in a standing position. Paxlet does NOT want to passively lean back like we’ve seen many other babies do. He would rather be sitting up, with help. But even more-so, Paxlet would like to be standing! He’s even pushed himself up to his feet a few times, with us supporting him of course. He gets the biggest grin on his face each time he accomplishes standing up.

keep head level with body when pulled to sitting – This is something that he does quite often, but not always. When he’s tired his head will just loll back.

turn in the direction of a voice, particularly momma’s – Paxlet does turn to my voice and even towards Mr Siili’s at times. I think he is slowly taking notice of the cats too.

Paxlet and I started testing out different mom & baby clubs this month. We’ve found a couple that we like (more accurately, that I like as Paxlet is too small to do much yet). The first few times we went to one of these clubs, Paxlet just stared at people, furrowed his brow or looked like he was contemplating something serious, if he wasn’t sleeping. The last couple of times he’s actually smiled at people and talked with me a bit.

*We’ve been calling his fingers ‘phalanges’ after we saw Dr Temperance Brennan, in the TV series Bones, wiggler her fingers at a baby in one episode saying “look, dancing phalanges”. Mr Siili and I giggled and have been doing it ever since.


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