Two months

And I’m a day late with this. Paxlet hasn’t been the best sleeper for the last couple of nights so we were totally exhausted and went to bed early last night. Or rather, earlier than normal, I still didn’t crawl into bed to sleep until around 11pm.

Weight & Length: Last week’s Thursday measurements were: 6kg 180g (13,6lbs) and 57,7 cm (22,7 in).

Sleeping: At the beginning of this month we had one night where Paxlet slept about 5,5 hours straight through! Talk about getting some much needed sleep. The last few nights Paxlet has been sleeping for only 1-2 hours at a time and then sometimes he’s awake for an hour or two. He does take quite good naps though, usually. He has started waking up around 7am, so that is some routine. Other than that, it’s still hit and miss for sleep, but I know it will come together eventually.

Eating: Breastfed all the way. Doesn’t even like binkies (pacifiers) and only sucks on his knuckles, not his thumb or fingers. 

Diapers: We’re still using disposable diapers. I just haven’t bothered to worry about disposable. I feel sort of bad about it, but taking care of Paxlet is concern enough.

Clothing: Paxlet has outgrown all newborn stuff, most size 50 and 56, with exception of a couple of items that seem to be on the big side. We’re now using mostly size 60 and 62 (3 month).

Hair: He still looks like his grandpa (my dad), i.e. not much hair on the top and only a bit around the sides.

Personality: Paxlet is such a sweet and cheerful baby. We’ve only had a few fussy days with him and for that I am ever-so-thankful. I can tell he’s going to be stubborn (just like mom and dad), as he doesn’t like his hands covered at all! Most mornings he wakes up all smiles, cooing and laughing. It’s great! (And definitely helps with the sleep deprivation.)

Milestones & Firsts: Along with smiling at us, he also shrugs his shoulders to show just how cute he is. It works like a charm and we just melt.

Responds to noises – A week or two ago, Mr Siili sneezed when Paxlet was asleep on my lap and Paxlet startled badly. Poor thing even cried for a few minutes he was so scared.

Vocalizes with coos, goos and gaahs – Oh boy is he a talker! I love it when Paxlet talks with us.

Says ah-goo and other similar consonant combos.

Lifts his head 45 degrees when laying on his tummy (on the floor).

Bring both hands together – clasping one on top of the other

Follow an object (rattles, stuffed toys) held about 6 inches above his face and moved 180 degrees (from left to right) and he follows it all the way.

Paxlet got his first cold at the beginning of the month. It isn’t really a runny nose, nor is it a stuffed up nose but rather a mixture of the two. Mostly he was gurgley sounding and he had post nasal drip which caused him to cough/choke unhappily. He didn’t get a fever and he was still happy and quite smiley. For that I am thankful.

First vaccination for the Rotavirus was given at the 6 week check up.

Within the last couple of days he’s noticed the Moomin cartoon characters on the wall paper and he just stairs at them. This little boy is becoming much more aware of his surroundings.

Also withing the last few days, raspberries to his tummy have become funny and something to laugh and grin about instead of frowning.

More recent developments are that Paxlet stays awake longer between naps. Nowadays it is between one to two hours before he gets tired again.

Likes: Boobs, staring at mom in the mirror when we wash his bottom, cooing and smiling at mom and dad, nose being suctioned, showers, snuggling on mom and dad’s chest

Dislikes: nose being suctioned, arms being covered or trapped under a blanket and boob not given to him quick enough


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