First snow of the season

Thursday afternoon we got our first smattering of snow bits on the ground. They weren’t really snow flakes, but rather snowballs or light hail. We didn’t get much of it, but it did turn the ground grey-white. And then during the night we got more snow!! This was enough to turn the world white and beautiful! It was also Paxlet’s first snow.

The ‘funny’ thing about first snow or ice here in Finland is that it always sends people into a panic. Most people don’t have their winter tires on yet and no one seems to remember how to drive in these sort of conditions. Even though these winter conditions happen around this time of the year: Every. Single, Year. Because of these two factors, there are almost always quite a few car wrecks during the first day or so and a mass scramble to get winter tires put on cars.

This year, it so happens that we are part of the group that doesn’t have their winter tires on yet. But, there is no scramble or panic coming from us. For one, Mr Siili doesn’t drive the car unless absolutely necessary (like when he took me to the hospital to give birth) and two, I don’t really need the car because Paxlet and I can get downtown, or wherever we need to go, by bus (for free). In addition, we won’t be changing to winter tires until the snow melts and the roads are clear, because we need to drive 1,5 hours away to my in-laws where we store our tires. It looks like this trip will happen this coming weekend, if the weather does warm up a few degrees like predicted.

This trip to my in-laws will be our first “long distance” trip with Paxlet. I’m looking upon it with enthusiasm and maybe a bit of dread. It’ll be exciting to really get out of the house, but I also worry a bit having Paxlet in the car. Also, I hope Paxlet will sleep through the trip, he most likely will, so we don’t have a screaming baby in the car during that time.


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