Ryhmäneuvola ja rokotetutkimus

Two posts in one today: Group neuvola and vaccine study

The group neuvola visit was… uneventful. There was 7 of us moms with our approximately 2 month old babys. We went around the room and introduced ourselves. For everyone else, this was their second or third child. I was the only one on the first child.

Then the neuvola nurses facilitated the discussion by asking questions to try and get us moms talking. Getting Finns to talk is no mean feat, as they are generally quite quiet, especially in groups (without alcohol). After an hour or so of chatting, it was time for individual baby weigh-ins and length check. Then people headed off to where ever they were going.

It might be to early to tell, as all of us mothers have just met, but I already feel as if the group neuvola won’t come to much and I won’t find other mother friends from there. I did at least get some info of other places where I can meet adults to talk with (mostly in Finnish, it’s a good thing) and potentially other moms.

At 8 weeks, today, Paxlet weighed in at 6kg 180g (13,6lb). That’s up 302g (664oz) from last week’s Tuesday, only 9 days ago. Paxlet’s such a good eater!

Then we headed downtown to our next appointment, the vaccine study*, where Mr Siili met us. This was our first visit there so blood was drawn, Paxlet’s temperature taken, details & information explained and of course vaccinations given.

Paxlet did NOT like the freedom of his arm being restricted, nor did he like blood being drawn. He cried so hard and unhappily that I started to tear up myself. After the blood was taken and I was calming him down, Mr Siili asked Paxlet if it was a big mosquito or vampire that took his blood. Paxlet responded at the vampire part.

Paxlet was given one vaccine injection in each thigh. He did not like that at all. Thankfully the boob helped calm him down quite quickly. Although, he did have to let go for a sec to reiterate how unhappy he was about the shots.

Afterward, Mr Siili went back to work. Paxlet (sleeping the whole while) and I went to lunch and then headed home. On our way home we were treated to our first snowball/snow-hail fall of the season.

This evening, Paxlet’s thighs are sore, he’s a bit fussy (not normal for him), but no fever. However, it did take me just over an hour to get him to sleep. Poor baby boy. Such a traumatic day.

*Mr Siili and I have given our consent for Paxlet to take part in this vaccination study. I intend to write a separate post about the study.



4 thoughts on “Ryhmäneuvola ja rokotetutkimus

  1. There might be that the other mums already have friends with children so they are not seeking others. And with a second child you are more… Rushed, and remember being a new mum and just how many fancies you indulged being your first born and all, many of them which are laughable with the second child. Poor second and subsequent children, they are never given the same attention, which is understandable but still. And with Finns being Finns, I think you should look elsewhere for other mums – church groups (in Germany are very popular, and have nothing to do with goingto church, but community), playgrounds a bit later.Best of luck!

  2. I totally agree and I am quite sure they do have their system of friends with kids already set up. It was just sort of disappointing, although not totally unexpected, that I was the only one there with a first child. I will definitely continue to look elsewhere for others who are looking for companions to chat with and hangout with. It will also be good to practice my Finnish skills.

  3. Babies' blood tests and vaccinations are horrible for everyone involved! Well done for getting through the first round. My younger daughter had to get her heel-prick tests (done soon after birth in Japan, where she was born) repeated because the results were inconclusive. As with my first daughter, I hadn't seen the initial test performed (am sure the hospital did this on purpose), but I was there for the repeat test and it was just horrible. Basically they cut a tiny gash in the baby's foot and squeeze blood out until they have enough. The only positive part was watching my strong and determined little one-week-old girl trying to fight off the nurse. Even right back then she was feisty!

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