6 week postpartum check-up

Before I go into my appointment this morning, I’ve got a question: How do you write a blog post with a baby on your lap? Sure, it would be easier if said baby wasn’t on my lap, but the last few days he won’t stay asleep unless he is in my lap or arms. So, I’ve got my legs propped up on the desk in front of me, the keyboard just above my knees and me typing OVER Paxlet who is sleeping on my upper lap. In other words pictures, like this:

The things I do to get my blogging fix.

My six week postpartum check-up went just fine. Not that I had any doubts, but it is always nice to have confirmation that all is well.

As with during my pregnancy the neuvola nurse checked my urine, blood pressure, hemoglobin and weight. There was nothing to be found in my urine. My blood pressure was normal. My hemoglobin was at 135, which is much better than at any point during my pregnancy or any other time that I can remember. And I haven’t been taking any iron supplements since I gave birth. My weight is down to 73,1 kilos (161 pounds) from the 88 kilos (193,6 pounds) I was at a week before giving birth. I still have 7 kilos to lose to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight.

The doctor asked how the pregnancy was (I am now going to a different clinic because we moved) and how did my labor go. I was also asked about birth control. I told both the nurse and the doctor that because it took us 4 years to get Paxlet, I’m not going back on birth control. If we somehow manage to get pregnant on our own, it will be a welcome event.

Once I hopped up on the exam table, the doctor checked where my stitches had been and said they might be a bit tight or uncomfortable in the beginning (when we start to have sex again). My uterus feels normal and like it has shrunk back down to where it should be and my lady bits look just fine. The doctor also asked if I’ve had any infection or swelling in my breasts (nope) or any other pains (nope).

And that was that. There wasn’t much to be asked from me and I didn’t have any questions for either the nurse or the doctor.


7 thoughts on “6 week postpartum check-up

  1. Glad to hear your 6 week appointment went well. That is too cute, btw, that you were typing over the top of Paxlet. I suppose I'll have to learn those tricks soon enough!

  2. Glad to read all is well! My ob/gyn didn't look too happy with the amount of weight that is rapidly sticking to every part of me (at 26 weeks, I had gained 10 kilos), but I can't help it. I eat healthy stuff, I'm not staying away from an occasional cookie or candy bar, but it's mostly fruits and veggies. So I decided not to care, as long as the baby is doing fine (and it is, tucked right between every 'normal' line)

  3. I use my phone quite a bit for reading blogs (in the middle of the night when feeding Paxlet), but it just takes too long to comment. Which is why my commenting has gone downhill quite badly and then when I do get a chance, it is way behind. 🙂 Like today.

  4. Same here, I wasn't eating too much junk food or too much extra food, but I still gained 22 kilos in total. In the end, part of it was bloating/swelling, so they weren't too concerned with that amount. I think most of it has gone away on its own because I'm normally at a decent weight and the breastfeeding has helped. As you say, don't worry and all should be fine. The hardest for me to remember is that it took 9 months to get here, it will take some time to go away too.

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