A funeral toast to our television

Today we took our ~10 year old, somewhat but not really faithful, poor quality and very out dated TV to the waste recycle center. We haven’t watched it, or for that matter, we haven’t even put it on the TV stand nor plugged it in since we moved 4 months ago. It was well over due for us to get rid of our one and only TV.
In remembrance, Mr Siili bought an apple cider (it was one we hadn’t seen before) for us to share (I drank a tablespoon at most). The TV will most likely be forgotten, but we’ll treasure the space it freed up on our living room floor.

One thought on “A funeral toast to our television

  1. Good for you for getting rid of you TV! I sometimes think we should do that too, but I know my hubby would miss his hunting and fishing shows too much. 😉

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