Nipple piercing when I was younger and how it might not have been the smartest thing to do

When I was 20 years old, I got my left nipple pierced. I had wanted to get it done for some time and finally found myself with a co-conspirator and a piercing place that I knew to be good. It was one of the coolest things I had done, along with getting my tongue pierced a couple of years earlier (that’ll have to be another story). Mostly because I didn’t know too many people who had their nipple(s) pierced (nor their tongue) and when people found out about my nipple being pierced, most people were shocked and maybe even a bit horrified.

Getting my nipple pierced was painful. Not nearly as painful as giving birth, I now know, but painful still. Having an ample bosom meant that the first couple of days any movement, especially laughter or movement that caused bouncing, was painful. I also slept with a bra on for the first few weeks just to make sure I didn’t bump or snag the piercing at night.

The nipple piercing healed quite well and I never had any problems with infections. I ended up taking it out after some time because I started getting these sudden and sharp pains in my nipple, right around the piercing. I have no idea what they were and never had the pains again once I took the piercing out. It was such a pity and I was always a bit sad about it, but not enough to get it redone. Plus, Mr Siili wasn’t and isn’t too excited about “strange” piercings.

Fast forward 16 years to a couple of weeks ago when Paxlet was born.

I first nursed Paxlet on my right breast and everything was fine. When it came time to feed him with my left nipple, I noticed that the nipple itself was a bit smaller/shorter and that he had a slightly harder time getting latched on. This was especially the case once my milk came in and my breast was engorged and hard. I’m assuming that the reason my nipple is a bit smaller, or rather shorter, is because when it was pierced, a chunk of flesh was removed to make room for the jewelry (that’s what hollow needles do and they are what should be used when getting piercings done).

Now that Paxlet and I have had some time to get used to breast feeding, the left nipple doesn’t seem to pose any problems and he is able to feed just fine with it. The milk is still able to flow through the nipple and BabyBoy eats like normal.

Knowing now, what I didn’t know then, getting my nipple pierced might not have been the smartest thing to do. But we do all sorts of things, smart and not so smart, when we are young and only hindsight is 20/20. I’m just thankful that everything still works as it should and I can feed my baby boy.


10 thoughts on “Nipple piercing when I was younger and how it might not have been the smartest thing to do

  1. Interesting. I actually wonder about stuff like that from time to time. Thanks for answering one of my strange and lingering questions. ;)I had gotten my belly button pierced when I was 18. I'm now regretting that too in case I do actually get pregnant. I don't want it to stretch out and look all gross. I guess we'll see what happens!

  2. I had my belly button pierced, only place I got stretch marks was right there. It doesn't look too hot now. I don't really mind though. Interesting you only got one done, I think I would have felt…lopsided. :))

  3. You are a badass. Even though I strangely don't have any fear of needles and have a few tattoos, just reading that my nipples retracted back into my body and are refusing to come back out.Bad. ass.

  4. I had my navel pierced twice, years and years ago. The scars from those were not effected by the big pregnancy belly. Some women are able to keep their belly button piercings during pregnancy (just change to a longer specialty bar). If you want to know more, I can try to find the info for you. 🙂

  5. I got my tongue pierced just after I turned 18 and it pierced a 2nd time about 10 years ago. The first one I still have, but the younger one closed up quick quickly one time after visiting the dentist and I didn't put it back in soon enough.I can't imagine not having my tongue (and nose) piercing. They have been a part of me at least half my life.

  6. Hehe. I'm not sure I could go through with it today, even if I do like the idea of it. And, quite often, if you don't get both done at the same time, most people won't go back for the second one. hahaha

  7. Interesting that is where your only stretch marks are… Understandable though. My 2 stretch marks are right on top of my laproscopic surgery scars.I have had many more piercings on my left side than my right. I'm just 'left oriented', along with being left handed. 🙂

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