Life sure is different

Gone are the days when I can sit in front of the computer and play away all day. Well, that isn’t totally true, I can still sit in front of the computer, it’s just much harder to post on my own blog and leave comments on other people’s blogs. I do read everyone’s posts from my phone in the middle of the night while breast feeding, it’s just much more difficult to reply. I hope to someday go back and leave a comment on at least some of the posts.

As I said, life is different and I am loving it. Well, except for maybe the 2,5 hours in the middle of the night when Paxlet is fussy and hungry and won’t go back to sleep. Thankfully we can stay in bed after Mr Siili leaves for work for the day and catch up on some of our sleep.

I’m in the process of writing up our birth story, but it is taking quite some time as most of the time it is being written one-handed. Thinking of you all!


2 thoughts on “Life sure is different

  1. So excited for you!Although our little one hasn't arrived and I haven't had time to post on my own blog, let alone comment. I, too, read at night, but I'm laying in bed, lol!Lazyness has set in and it's only week 23.Enjoy all those sweet cuddles! Lucky momma!

  2. Yay! Can't wait to hear about the birth story. I love hearing about birth stories…I think I must be living vicariously through the story teller or something. 😉

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