40 weeks aka Where’s Paxlet?

I’ll tell you where Paxlet is, right where he’s been for the last 39 other weeks. And it doesn’t look like he has any plan of coming out soon. Sure, I’ve been having a lot of Braxton Hick contractions this past week, but that’s about it. I’m sure I’m not even feeling half of them, as I only notice some of them by feeling my tummy and realizing it is ‘hard’. I know he’ll come out in his own time, but I’m now at the point that he has made great use of my uterus for 40 weeks and I’d like him to now come out.

Also, I know today is Tuesday, but as I pointed out last week, the 21st of August is the official due date according to the doctors, hospital and government (where I’m getting my maternity pay). Because of this, I decided to give my weekly update today instead of tomorrow. I’m also sort of hoping maybe this will bring the real contractions on and I’ll be in the hospital soon delivering my little one.

Total Weight Loss/Gain: At the neuvola appointment today, I’m up another kilo or so, most likely because of swelling. I’m at 88,1 kilos.

Stretch marks:
There was about 3 minutes this week when I thought I had 2 stretch mark lines, one on each side of my tummy. I say 3 minutes only, because that is how long it took me to waddle up the stairs and look in the full length mirror after Mr Siili mentioned the marks. It turns out they are not stretch marks, but scars from my laparoscopic surgery 2,5 years ago, to diagnose and remove the endometrisos I have.

Sleep: Still sleeping well, when I sleep. Although, the last few nights I have been having major dreams and nightmares.

As usual, Paxlet moves like a wiggle worm. I’ve tried to take pictures of how lopsided he makes my tummy, but they just don’t show up well. (See?) Basically the right half of my tummy is much larger and harder than the empty left half.

Gender: It’s a boy!!
Swelling is still my worst symptom. Having said that, I know I have it pretty easy, but I still don’t like my fingers hurting like this.

I have noticed that if I don’t drink enough water (like yesterday) I feel queasy and have a bad headache.

What I look forward to:
I truly look forward to finding out what real labor contractions are like. And after that, I look forward to having Paxlet in my arms and finally deciding on a name by which we will call him.

I’m just trucking right along. I even sort of got Mr Siili to agree that I haven’t been that moody or horrible during this entire pregnancy and right now is no different. Sure I’ve had my moments, but who doesn’t?!

Paxlet is the size of a watermelon! Is there anything else bigger for Paxlet to be compared to?

My little boy has taken full use of my uterus! That’s pretty amazing, especially since I’ve read about so many babies coming too early in the IF community.

Medical concerns:
The neuvola nurse and midwife student didn’t see much of anything today to make them concerned. My hemoglobin did finally fall to below 100 (it was at 99 today), but the nurse said there wasn’t much to be done right now this close to delivery. So, I’ll just continue to take the iron supplement like I have been and hope I don’t bleed too much during delivery.

Also, as today is Paxlet’s due date, the nevola nurse and midwife student will be sending a letter to the hospital to inform them of my/our status. If I still don’t arrive at the hospital within the next 10 days or so in labor, the hospital will send me a letter informing me when to come in to get this started manually. I really hope Paxlet decides to come on his own before then.

This sight still cracks me up after all this time. Mansi is such a goofball, but she is our goofball that fits quite well into our family.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help get labor started? I vacuumed our entire house yesterday (ouch) and nothing more than a lot of BH. I’ve taken short walks. I will see if I can tempt Mr Siili for some “between the sheets” time, but after the major failure from a couple of weeks ago, I’m not sure it will work.

This week’s bump pictures can be seen in the Paxlet Pictures tab.
 I actually managed to remember a 39 week picture. Let’s see if I can remember to get today’s taken this evening.

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12 thoughts on “40 weeks aka Where’s Paxlet?

  1. Evening Primrose Oil inserted vaginally is supposed to help labor along. Also acupressure, just google acupressure to start labor, there's pressure points on your ankle and in the webbing between your thumb and index finger. Good luck! Hope Paxlet arrives soon!

  2. Love that belly picture. Paxlet will be here very, VERY soon. What a blessing to have a healthy, full term pregnancy! I remember that feeling so well, "When? When? When?" It's a whirlwind when it does happen! So excited for you.

  3. Everyone says curry, pineapple and riding a car on a bumpy road. It didn't work for me though.I'd use the time watching DVDs. I know there's a theory that you can watch films while you're establishing breastfeeding but that totally didn't work for us (although my Kindle was a godsend!).Good luck – these days take ages but you'll look back and not really remember them at all!

  4. I am very thankful for this full term pregnancy and I know I have been very lucky this entire 9 months.I definitely am at the When? When? stage, although I am trying to remind myself that he will arrive when he is ready.

  5. I might have to see if I can get Mr Siili to go out for dinner tonight. A bumpy car ride just sounds uncomfortable. LOLI have been using my phone a lot in recent months for reading books at night when I wake up and don't get back to sleep right away. It is so nice to not have to turn on a light (and wake Mr Siili) or get out of bed, well after going pee. heheh

  6. Isn't the lopsided-ness funny? It just amazes me, when Paxlet isn't stretching and making it uncomfortable.Yes, that is our girl face planting in her sleep. She sleeps like that often.

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