Maternity pictures

We got the photos back from Saturday’s shoot. Let me tell you, I love, love these photos!! I haven’t had photos of myself that I truly love in quite a long time. They are spectacular.

As I said before, my boss from work (from where else would she be my boss?) knows about my history of with infertility and has offered to do this photo shoot as a gift for us (and portrait practice for her). I am so touched by her generosity and willing to do this for us. Did I mention that I made her a raspberry-blueberry Mamma’s  Berry Pie as thanks? (I also made one for us. Delicious!)

I have shared 4 of these pictures on my FB page. That makes a total of 7 pregnancy pictures of myself (plus a diaper cake & cat in car seat picture) that I have posted there. I have been wary of sharing too many maternity pictures on FB, just because I know how hard it was to be TTC and seeing pregnancy pictures and updates on FB all the time.

My boss, Sar.ah Mawds.ley, has given me permission to share the link to her website, plus the photos she has taken of us. I hope you’ll enjoy them.


12 thoughts on “Maternity pictures

  1. Beautiful! You are glowing! What a great momento to have for the future. Just think, one day your little boy will ask if that's him in there! 🙂

  2. I wanted to comment on this for ages and at least I managed to to so before Paxlet makes his appearance 😉 Beautiful photos and you look so happy and at peace. Enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy…

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