8 weeks until D-date

That’s right folks, I’m at 32 weeks (weekly update to follow soon) and Paxlet should be here in another 8 weeks, give or take a few days*. I keep telling people that my due date is at the end of August and still a ways off and that I have plenty of time. But my maternity leave starts in just a week and a half and Paxlet’s due date is just under 2 months away! When I look at a calendar, the realization of how close my due date is, it is slowly sinking in. Oh, My, Gosh!

This realization of impending birth is making me a bit stressed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stressed about the actual birth itself or the fact that we’ll (hopefully) have a baby in our arms. Those things will happen no matter what, there’s no turning back now! It’s a question of “Do I/we have everything we need for a baby?” and “What do we really need?”.

This is what we do have:
– car seat
– baby bed & crib (put together)
– at least 1 set of sheets and couple of blankets (not enough?)
– changing table (put together)
– some clothes
– a couple (6?) of cloth diapers (not nearly enough)
– a bathtub for baby
– baby sling (kantoreppu)
– some breast pads/protectors (3 pair reusable and some disposable)
– what do I need at the hospital?

– nursing pillow
– pacifiers / binkies / tutti
– blankies, for wrapping the baby and on the floor

What we don’t yet have:
– stroller (at this moment I have 2 offers for good strollers, it’s just a matter of choosing which one I want)
– diaper bag (I have a small-bag, but I have a feeling I’ll need/want another)
– ?

– Moby wrap (I think my stepmom is sending me one, but I won’t know until the beginning of August)

This is where my bit of stress is coming from. I know there are some things I still need, but what? I also know there are many things that are fun and handy, but not really necessary. So I’m asking you, dear readers, what is missing from my list? Fun or practical, I’d love to hear it all!

*Yes, I did say give or take a few days. I’ve had a talk with Paxlet and told him that he’s not allowed to stay in there over 40 weeks and that it is ok if he comes a few days early. And after the talk I had with my dad last night, he said all 4 of his kids, myself included, all arrived into this world around our due date. No one arrived way too early or too late.


19 thoughts on “8 weeks until D-date

  1. Are you using the cloth diapers as diapers, or as burp cloths? Either way, you're going to need much more. A newborn will go through about 12 diapers a day. I'm planning on using disposable diapers, but I'm also getting cloth diapers (the old fashioned kind) to use as burp cloths because I hear they are the most absorbent and are cheaper. So I'm wondering what you have to use as burp cloths? Everything else looks good to me. They say you don't really need a whole lot right when the baby is a newborn. I've heard that a good bouncy chair is a great thing to have from the beginning though — a place to put the baby down for a moment that is safe, a place for them to sleep if they have acid reflux and need to sleep on an angle. I'm so excited for you! 8 weeks is going to fly!

  2. The great thing about babies is they really don't require much – a way to feed them (sounds like you're bf-ing –> check), someplace to sleep (check), carseat (check), diapers (if you're planning to CD, I'd say you need 4x that many for a newborn – btw, we CD and love it!). And that's about it. The rest of it is icing. That said, my must haves are as follows: Moby wrap (had a sling but I simply couldn't live without the Moby), swaddling blankets (bigger than those little receiving blankets), and several sleeping gowns. And that's it. And yay for just 8 weeks!

  3. How exciting! Nearly there!I think you've got just about everything you'll need, apart from the diapers (I agree with the commenter above who noted how often babies need to be changed!) You might also want to consider a pacifier (and if you plan to use one, get two or three, since if you drop one on the ground you won't want to reuse it with a newborn without sterilizing it). Some people don't believe in using them. I used one for my first baby but my second didn't like it and sucked her thumb instead as soon as she could. By age 2 my first had been weaned off hers and slept very well at night without it; at age 3 my second child is still a fervent thumb-sucker and I wish that curing her of it was as easy as throwing away her "tutti"… As for the diaper bag – just make sure it's big enough to hold at least one diaper for each hour you'll be out of the house (plus a couple of spares), baby wipes, a couple of changes of baby clothes, and nursing pads, and WATER as you will probably get pretty thirsty when breastfeeding. I would also recommend one that you can open easily with one hand πŸ™‚ Seriously, though, I think you have plenty of everything else. You can always shop for more if/when you realise you need it. In the first weeks, babies sleep very soundly between feeds and are quite portable, and you might find you are keen to get out for a trip to the shops!

  4. Wandering over from the Lushary…You really don't need a lot of stuff for a newborn – it sounds like you have most things. More diapers – they go through a lot. Lots of laundry detergent, because you're always washing something they pooped on, peed on, or spit up on. We used old towels on our changing pad, so we went through a lot of those. As to the hospital…you don't really need anything except clothes to wear home. And a camera. Oh, and snacks. You should always bring snacks. Everything else, the hospital pretty much has on hand. If your hospital is anything like mine, you should bring a big bag to load up all the stuff they have in the portable bassinet, just in case you need it – disposable diapers, wipes, butt cream, even a little bit of formula (which is good to have in case of emergency).

  5. Nipple cream (breast feeding can be hard on the girls), plenty of burp cloths, at least five outfits because they can go through a few a day and it might be a few days before you can get to the laundry. Swaddling blankets (sometimes hard to find but can be so important that first night home). I really liked my nursing pillow, I had a baby that was difficult to nurse and I couldn't have done it without the pillow (My Breast Friend Pillow). Plenty of easy to eat food for yourself. You won't have time to cook for a while, or take-out menus to local restaurants. That's all I can think of right now. Good luck!

  6. Sorry if I am not all that coherent, just came from the Lushary and, hic, been indulging in the liquids poured on them rocks. πŸ™‚ to take my mind off the waiting. I am 39w pregnant with my second son and waiting for something to happen. You'll what I mean. πŸ™‚ With George, my first son, the most delightful almost 2 yo I have ever met, I tried not to get too much stuff, and good thing I didn't. But you will need a bouncy seat ot something similar, for when he grows a bit and you need to put him somewhere to grab a bite or a shower or a quick trip to the loo (all the trips to the loo will be short afte you give birth, just so that you know). We had the most basic one, no vibrating feature, no hanging toys, no nothing, just the seat and the strap. And it was a good thing for us, because he started sitting up by himself quite early (3-4 months) and hated being straped in there. So limited use. But quite necessary.

  7. I live in Germany, and at the hospital I needed nothing, they provided everything. Not to mention that I had the most wonderful birth, bless their hippy, all natural German little hearts. And they fed me properly, so I did not even need the snacks, which somehow did nto make it back home, curiously.

  8. Blogspot keeps freezing me out, darn it. This is why I am posting over and over. I agree with more clothes. Babies spit up often, and even though you could use bibs, there is something about tiny clothes that melts my heart. πŸ™‚ the spit up ends sometime around 7-8 months, and be sure you will worry at a certain point that your baby is spitting up too much. We all did. πŸ™‚ And no, it is not true. It just seems a lot. What we got this time is a cosleeper. I am not going to do again the crib thing, I would like to sleep a bit better this time, and a cosleeper is a must, especially those first months, when the baby feeds so often and so on. Of course, every baby is different, and you only know what he or she needs after he comes out. But since I am quite sure I want him near me, we got the cosleeper.

  9. I know I don't have a little one yet (though there is progress in this matter, but more about it later ;), but been working in families and with children under 1 for years. Like everyone else said, you seem to be quite well off. I think someone mentioned more clothes, I concur.. You'll be surprised how many times you have to change their vests a day when the poop is all over the place… You can never have too many blankies either. For the hospital. I'd take flipflops for the shower, although Finnish hospitals are fairly good like that.

  10. Thanks! Most of this stuff has been either given to me (from the government in the form of the maternity package, baby shower or friends) or I've bought it very in expensively from a FB group I follow.

  11. My thought is to use cloth diapers as actual diapers (there are many different types, that is about all I know so far), but I will get a few more burp cloths/diapers too to use. I remember needing them with my younger siblings. :)Thanks for the bouncy chair suggestion. I've been thinking about one of those, but not sure how necessary it might be. Now I'm thinking more seriously about one.

  12. Thanks for the info!I do hope to get a Moby wrap (or something similar). I've put the word into my stepmom's ear, so I have a feeling she'll be sending me one. If not, I'm thinking of making one myself.

  13. Oh, I do have some tutti/binkies! I found some oh, so cute ones (that happened to be on sale).Good tips for the diaper bag and it totally reminds me of what my mom's looked like for my younger siblings. πŸ˜‰

  14. I'm starting to worry (not seriously) that I don't have enough clothes! Thankfully I still have time and know where I can get some inexpensively. :)We just had an info session today about what is needed at the hospital and I'm sure we'll be bringing snacks, at least for Mr Siili. I believe hospitals are pretty good here about having the necessary stuff you need while there, except for slippers.

  15. Keeping my thoughts with you and your endeavors. :)I'm thinking I'll wash my Crocs (for me and Mr Siili) to take to the hospital. Easy to wear AND clean! As for the rest of the hospital stuff, it does seem they are quite well equipped and supplied. Another thing that makes me happy about my adopted country.I like the blankie suggestion too. I bought some cute (frogs) ones 4 years ago when I was in the US. So thrilled to be able to use them finally.

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