Quiet before the storm

Ok, so I don’t think a storm is coming, or at least I hope not, but I just haven’t been in the mood to sit at the computer in the evenings after long days at work. I do have lots of blogy-post thoughts in my head and even a few posts started, but none that have actually been finished yet. I’m working on them, slowly.

I know this week is National Infertility Awareness Week. I have been affected by IF and still am. Even though I am 23 weeks pregnant right now, I am still infertile. If Mr Siili and I want a 2nd child (although, let’s not really discuss that until we get this one settled in), we’ll more than likely have to go through  IVF again. Unless a miracle happens. They do happen, but I won’t be waiting for it.

I am not ignoring NIAW, but I just don’t have much to say about it at the moment. And in some ways, by posting about NIAW here on my blog, where I’m assuming, most if not all of the ladies reading my blog are dealing with IF in one form or another. So it it sort of feels like I’d be preaching to the crowd. In a slight different vein, I have posted a couple of things on FB; one person has ‘liked’ them. And I definitely don’t shy away from talking about IF and how I got to where I am now. So, I definitely don’t ignore infertility. As if!

A (good) storm that will be coming is the fact that Mr Siili and I will be moving in a month! We got our notification papers that our house will be ready (after an inspection or two by us and the builders) and we can get our keys on the 25th of May! OMG!! That’s just one month away. It seemed not that long ago that I was telling people that we’d be moving in a year or 6 months and now it is RIGHT around the corner.

I’m terrified and excited about this. In fact, I feel more terrified about this move than I do this pregnancy, delivery and the baby itself. LOL. This house (the loan) is going to cost more than anything we’ve ever dealt with (yes, I know the baby will cost more in the span of our lives, but as a single lump sum, this house is a lot!). I’ve never lived anywhere else in Finland but where are are now (it’ll be 13 years in September). And the storm part of it is I know Mr Siili will get very stressed and become quite grumpy. That’s not going to go well with a 6-7 month pregnant lady’s hormones. I have started getting boxes and packing already in hopes that I can get a decent portion of it done before M-Day (moving day) happens.

Today at work I finished filling in my maternity papers and got them in the mail. It got me thinking about how far along I am and where I’m going to be in a few months. My maternity leave officially starts on July 17th. But, I’m sure I’ll have some extra hours worked that I’ll be able to take another day or two off before that. Also, if for some reason I’m not feeling too well as the pregnancy progresses, it should be quite easy to get sick leave, although I hope there is no need for that.

This line of pregnancy thoughts also reminded me that I’d love to have some before (and after) baby pictures taken. I’ve loved seeing other women who’ve had some nice pictures to remember their very pregnancy tummies by. It just so happens that my big boss is an avid photographer. (This is the same boss I had a wonderful conversation with almost a year ago about IF and her hysterectomy.) So, I asked her today if she or someone she knows does maternity pictures. Her face lit up and she said she’d love to take some pictures for me. Big boss said she isn’t so great at photographing posed portraits, but I told her she’s much better than I would be. Plus, I’ve seen her work and I love it! She said she’d take thousands, ok maybe just hundreds of pictures that we’d get sick of her. I replied that we could do the ones with Mr Siili first and then she can shoot away at me all she wants. She mentioned indoor photos and I said that it should be decent summer weather and we could go outside too. I could just see her brain already starting to think stuff through and the quick ideas she was throwing out there. She even offered to take pictures of Paxlet once he is born too! As Big boss left for the evening, she said she’d take a bit of time to think and look around to see what sort of shots would be good to try.

I’m excited and elated at the response I got from my Big boss. The way she lit up and immediately said she’d love to take pictures was more than I had ever hoped for. I know she’s very happy for me and Mr Siili in that we’ve finally gotten pregnant after the long journey of TTC, but her response just melts my heart.

Sometimes it’s great to be sitting right in front of the Big boss’s office… hehehe


3 thoughts on “Quiet before the storm

  1. That's really sweet of your boss to offer to take your pregnancy pictures. :)I know exactly how you feel about moving and buying your first home. It was easily the scariest thing I've ever done – scarier than getting married! The lawyers are the worst part. lol It will probably suck, but I know that you'll get through it. 🙂

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