The winner is…

Thank you to all the ladies who participated in my little Friday Fun giveaway.
The winner is…

It’s Good Friday today, which means no work for the majority of people in Finland, Mr Siili and I included. In Finnish it is Pitkäperjantai, which translates to Long Friday. Not being a religious person, I really don’t know why this Friday is called what it is, or even why it would have such totally different names in different countries. Yes, I know it has to do with Jesus and church-y stuff, but after that, I’ve never paid much attention.

It was so nice to sleep in. I was unbelievably exhausted from work this week and it was only a 4 day work week! It’s been snowing off and on again today, so this is going to be a perfect day to stay inside and not do too much. I’m thinking of doing a bit of sewing, but let’s see if I can be bothered to even get up enough energy for that. Hehe


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