Why I starved my cats for 12 hours for nothing (and more good stuff)

It’s Friday and it couldn’t have arrived fast enough! Thankfully next week will only be a 4 day week as we have Long Friday (pitkäperjantai) off from work. It will also be a 4 day weekend as we also have the Monday after Easter (2. pääsiäispäivä) free from work, which means another short week the following week.

Seeing that Easter is near, it means spring is on it’s way and snow is melting. And now that the snow is melting, I need to switch to summer tires on my car again. But, my summer tires are so old and one of them won’t even old air pressure, I need new ones. So, I called my FIL today and asked if he’d help me again get new tires. He said it wouldn’t be a problem as he needs some for himself and one of his daughters. This means that Mr Siili and I will most likely be going to his parents house for Easter weekend so I can change the tires. Yes, that’s right, I will be changing the tires! The men will just make sure the tires are on tight.

As I mentioned a couple of times earlier this week, Rusty has been acting a bit old. He is 12 years old/young after all, but I’m not ready for him to be old-old. Just to ease my mind, I decided I should take him and Mansi to the vet to have a check up. During the call to make the appointment, I explained the symptoms and age of Rusty to the vet andshe suggested some blood tests to check if everything was ok. In order to get the best results, the cats shouldn’t eat for some time beforehand. So, I took their food away at midnight and our appointment was at 10:45 am today. Rusty woke up every couple of hours, went to check if his food was back and then came back to the bedroom to whine let me know that his food still wasn’t there. Then I would pick him up and he’s sleep for another while before repeating the process again, all night long. Needless to say, between my getting up to go pee and his alerting me to the food situation (or lack thereof), I didn’t sleep too well.

I got the cats to the vet and Mansi has a bit of plaque, but other than that she checked out just fine. She was complimented on her beautiful and shiny coat. Rusty also has a bit of plaque and some pink-er gums, but no action is needed just yet and we can just watch it for now. They asked me about his pee and poo habits along with his water intake, etc. I told them that I hadn’t seen any change in any of that lately. It’s just that he’s been acting a bit ‘old’. The vets mentioned dementia and that’s what has stuck in my mind most. So, because he doesn’t seem to be having any of the major indicators of something wrong, I decided not to get his blood tested. Yeah, I know! I tortured my cats for almost 12 hours all for nothing!

I did get them some more fibre-rich food, and we’ll see if that has any effect on them. But mainly we’ll just continue to watch Rusty and see how he is. There is a product (I’ll have to look at the brochure when I get home) that the vets suggested we give to Rusty in order to help with fighting dementia. But as I said, we’ll wait and see a bit longer on how things play out. I just really want my cats to be ok. Rusty truly is my baby and a mamma’s boy!

To make this day even better, I got some great news from work. Starting next month, there will be an increase in pay for everyone, which stemmed from the union strike and resulting negotiations last year. I personally will also be getting a small merit raise, based on my skills, performance during the last year, etc. There will also be a “one time bonus” for people. (Not quite sure if it is some people or all.) And!! April is the month when bonuses are given out based on last year’s targets and profitability of the company. There couldn’t be better timing for all of this! This will definitely make things nicer when thinking about buying some Paxlet stuff and also for our new house we’ll be moving into soon.

And now, 20 minutes left at work, so I had probably get a couple of things wrapped up so I can go home and enjoy the kitties’ and Mr Siili’s company.

6 thoughts on “Why I starved my cats for 12 hours for nothing (and more good stuff)

  1. Great news about the raise and bonus!I'm glad that it doesn't look as if there's anything too serious going on with Rusty and that they can do something for the dementia if that's what he has. It's hard to see our pets get old because they truly are our babies.

  2. Wow congrats on the raise and all the other things! We think Purcey is going senile too. There are time that it seems like he forgot he just ate. He also gets freaked out by nothing sometimes. He is a little old man now and snores lol!

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