Happy 12th Birthday, Rusty!

My lovely boy, Rusty, is 12 years old today.
We got him and his brother, ^^Kantti^^, when they were almost 4 months old. They immediately took over our bed and hearts. ^^Kantti^^ was only with us for 10 years, we still miss him dearly.
^^Kantti^^ (L) & Rusty (R)
These days, Rusty’s companion is little Miss Mansi. We adopted her a few months after ^^Kantti^^ died. From the start, she’s only wanted to be friends with Rusty. She loves kitty-piles and wants to be in any lap that Rusty is in. He’s still not sure about that. Little sisters can be such a pain!!
Rusty wasn’t such a snuggly-putty in the beginning. It took him some time to figure out that humans are great cushions (so long as they don’t wiggle too much) and offer lots of pets and chin scratches. Mr Siili is a great cushion, he doesn’t wiggle much.
But most of all, Rusty is a mama’s boy! I might wiggle more often, but I am the one he would generally prefer to lay on. He talks to me and tells me all about his day when I come home from a long day at work. He let’s me know when it’s time to go to bed and doesn’t like it when I don’t get there fast enough.
Rusty being a mama’s boy.
May we have many more healthy and happy years with you, Rusty!

9 thoughts on “Happy 12th Birthday, Rusty!

  1. Happy belated birthday Rusty! He is adorable!!I'm trying to catch up on your posts… for some reason they're not showing up in my reader! Very sad.

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