Weekend snippets

This was originally supposed to be Saturday Snippets and then Sunday Snippets, but I figured I’d cover the entire weekend instead. That’s what happens when you’re lazy on your last 2 days of holiday.

* I am so glad I had this last week off from work. I really needed the time to recharge my battery and recover from the horrendous flu from the week before.

* I’m still coughing (up junk), but it is much better. I know this cough is going to linger for quite some time, it’s one of those coughs.

* On Saturday, Mr Siili and I drove to the store (instead of walking) to get food. It would have been good to get out and stretch my legs, but we bought 3 bottles of soda and it was easier to transport them home that way. Plus, it was the only way to get Mr Siili to go with me. 🙂

* On Saturday I tried 2 new recipes: kanakookoskeitto (chicken coconut milk soup) and Great Harvest Whole Wheat Bread Copycat which I found on Eat Cake for Dinner. The soup was ok, but I don’t think I’ll be making it again. At least not any time soon. The bread, on the other hand, was yummy and Mr Siili devoured the last few slices this evening. I didn’t quite follow the recipe (I read the flour type wrong), but it turned out amazing anyway. For some reason I kept thinking the flour was supposed to be graham instead of whole wheat. Don’t ask where I came up with graham, as it is no where on the blog post or recipe!

I put our initials on the bread. Cute, eh?

* I also made a Muzzy’s Cheesecake. This recipe is from the coffeehouse I worked at for several years when I was younger. The coffeehouse was one of my first real jobs and I still have fond memories of the place. Plus, I have many of the amazing recipes that we used there. I had thought of possibly freezing part of it so we’d have some for later, but more than half of it has already been eating today alone.

I forgot to take a picture of it before cutting into it.

* The flute girl monkey girl downstairs decided to be noisy, again, this weekend. She and whoever else was with her decided to sing karaoke or at least play loud music and talk yell most of Saturday. Thankfully they went out before it got too late and didn’t make noise all night. Unfortunately, they were back at it early this morning. I did go down and talk to her, which resulted in them being quite for maybe 5 minutes. Ugh! We so can’t wait to move!

* To try and drown out some of the noise, Mr Siili and I had a TV show marathon this weekend. We watched some Big Bang Theory, New Girl, Nikita, Dexter, Broke Girls, Once Upon a Time and possibly something else. We didn’t watch too many Dexter episodes, at least night right before bed, as the last few times I’ve had strange dreams/nightmares from that show.

What would you do if you had a cute cat on your lap?

* Mr Siili has told me several times that if I continue to go pee so often, my bladder will shrink and I’ll ‘train’ my bladder to get used to going pee all the time. I tried telling him I’m not peeing all the time because I want to, but because I need to. (Especially with this cough still!) I can feel my eyeballs floating when my bladder gets relatively full and it makes me feel a bit ill and uncomfortable. Silly guy!

* And now it’s time for bed. I’ve hardly thought about work this last two weeks, but it’s now time to get back into the grind. I can’t wait to see (sarcasm here) what sort of mess has been left behind for me.


5 thoughts on “Weekend snippets

  1. After you get used to Dexter, it stops being so creepy, esp. before bed. It's one of my all-time favorite shows. No disrespect to Mr. S — but he has no clue re: peeing and being pregnant. : )

  2. It isn't that Dexter is creepy, we love the show! I just have a very active dream state. I've always had the weirdest dreams and quite often take what has happened during the day (via TV, life or in my mind) and worked things out in my dreams. It is just a bit much when the dreams start involving bodies, cops, murders, shootings, etc. Especially when they are all so real. And I agree that Mr S is very clueless when it comes to peeing and pregnancy. This is his first pregnancy to deal with and most likely the most contact with a pregnant woman that he's had. At least this intimately. hahah

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