Oh For Fucks Sake Friday – February 17th

I think this week deserves a “Oh For Fucks Sake Friday” post.

* I’ve been horrendously sick all week. Coughing, nausea, gagging, stuffed up nose, runny nose, not able to breath, fevery, achey, pounding head, burning eyes, cold, hot and just plain ol’ miserable. FFS

* Mr Siili hasn’t been very supportive of me while I’ve been sick. He’s quite grumpy when he comes home (in my opinion) and then he says I’m being naggy the second I open my mouth. He started it! FFS

* As much as I am loving being pregnant, this peeing all the time is getting old, especially in the middle of the night. FFS

* Monday, after I’d already gone to work (before coming home sick) Mr Siili found cat puke on a rug. He dragged said rug into the bathroom and left it there, permanently. He pushed said rug aside to take a shower, but other than that, it sat on the bathroom floor, in direct sight of the toilet when you sit on it. It made me gag each time I looked at it. I would think that whoever found the puke would take care of it. Not so. FFS

* In my sad miserable state of sickness, I squatted in the bathroom to clean the cat puke off the rug. And then set it to dry. When Mr Siili came home and took a shower, he shoved said rug aside, so it got more damp and not more dry. FFS

* One more rant about my pregnancy: I am so freaking bloated! In the morning not so, but at the day progresses, it gets worse until I am so bloated it hurts. And going pee doesn’t help. FFS
On a serious note, does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this bloated-ness even a tiny bit better?

* I’m supposed to go wedding dress shopping on Monday with a friend. And I’m barely feeling any better today, I can only hope 2 more days makes a miracle. FFS

* Next week is also supposed to be a free week from work, I don’t have any major plans, but I didn’t plan on being sick. So this cold can just F-off! FFS

Dear Baby G


11 thoughts on “Oh For Fucks Sake Friday – February 17th

  1. First I just have to say, that's an EXTREMELY assholish move for your husband not to clean up that cat puke. Unless there was some agreement when you got the cat about how much he hates cats and will never be cleaning up after them (which I could respect if such a thing happened but then he must alert you to the fact that there is cat puke not just move it to the bathroom) , then the cat is a shared responsibility (much like the baby will be) and whoever finds the mess cleans the mess!Second, i don't know what your diet is but cutting out carbs should help with the bloat. Stay away from breads and pastas and rice and beans and eat more protein and even though it makes you pee more, drink more water.And third, back to your husband, he needs to quit being a douche and help out with his sick pregnant wife without making her feel worse!!! Tell him your bloggy friend told him to shut his damn mouth and get you WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU NEED and honestly that's just for when you're pregnant when you're sick and pregnant that's doubly so!!!Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I like FFS too — I'm not afraid of that word and the examples you name are very deserving of it. So sorry that DH has not been so helpful — not cool!!! Esp. w/ you being sick. Hope you feel better soon… FWIW, I was sick two weeks ago and I'm still getting over some cold symptoms. : (

  3. I think I would have been sick ON the cat sick if I had to clean that while pregnant. Then I would hand it to my husband when he was getting out of the shower…while weeping miserably…and possibly gagging. GAH! We have a rule…first person who sees it, cleans it. Pushing it out of the way is not optional. I hope your Saturday is better.

  4. I am glad my cat has stopped puking for the most part hopefully efore I get pregnant. It sometimes made me gag without being pregnant. And the Hubby never cleans it up. He did once…only because the cat puked on his lap LOL! Pay back! *evil laugh* Hope you feel better soon!

  5. my husband HATES my cat (but she's been with me longer than we've been together! haha) and won't even clean out her litter box…however – my husband is also a neat freak and would clean puke up off the rug. that's just gross.sorry you had a bad day – hopefully you're feeling better! good luck with dress shopping!!

  6. I agree Mr Siili was being an ass. I've never said he was perfect, but he is mine. 🙂 I've chatted with him since this, so we'll see what happens.I think part of my bloating problem is eating too much at once. It seems I just can't eat like I used to and maybe dairy.. I honestly don't think I can drink my liquids though, I seriously do drink tons already.

  7. Well, it sort of has been agreed that the care and upkeep of cats it my job. At least, that was the agreement I made 12 years in order to get the cats. It's relaxed a bit since then, sometimes. 🙂

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