Happy Lunar New Year!

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this Lunar New Year and now it is here!! The year of the Water Dragon has begun.

As I just commented on a blog, I’m a bit wishy-washy when it comes to (western and Chinese) astrology. There are parts of it that I agree with and find spot on…and I want to believe, but sometimes, meh, it just doesn’t work.

But because I am excited for my year, the year of the Dragon, baby!, this post is going to be about the believing part of me. Being a dragon myself, plus the potential of having a dragon baby of my own…too cool! I was born in 1976 under the auspicious year of the Fire Dragon. I am also a Leo in western astrology. (If I remember correctly, I am a triple or quadruple Leo threat.) Two of the strongest and “kings” of their world animals in both of their realms. That’s a lot to live up to. *snicker*

I found a website that gives quite a bit of info about each of the signs and I like what they have to say. It is a wedding planning website, but I still like the info provided. I’d love to copy tons of the info to my blog, but I’ll try to stick to the “most important”.

Mr Siili is a Tiger. This is what they say about a Dragon-Tiger match:

A gutsy combination full of gusto to fuel passions

Poor Mr Siili has to deal with this aspects of a Dragon in love (and it’s quite true):

It takes someone with thick skin who is easygoing to be a Dragon’s partner, because, despite their sentimental characters, they can be moody, and insensitive. Many people will want to run when the Dragon’s temper is provoked. Negatively, Dragons are egotistical and love to be the center of attention. Modesty is not one of his assets. Add to that the Dragon temper and you have a bossy, dominating and authoritative being. They hate solicited advice and can be hopelessly tactless and insensitive to their lovers.

Paxlet will be a Water Dragon. They say that Dragon-Dragon parent child relationships are quite compatible (4 stars out of 4). Like Mother like Daughter, is the saying.
Where as a Dog-Dragon relationship (my mom and I) only have one star for compatibility. (Man oh man, was that true! HA) They say Dogs and Dragons are mortal enemies. I believe my mom’s western sign and mine weren’t that compatible either. Thankfully we worked on working things out in the last years.

I don’t really have much info to give or much to contribute by this post, except that I love Dragons (and frogs) and have for years! So, anything dragon is just great by me. And I really wanted to wish a Happy New Lunar Year, which I’ve now done. I can go to bed now.


13 thoughts on “Happy Lunar New Year!

  1. I was just thinking today how cool it would be to have a baby in the Year of the Dragon even though, like you, I don't totally buy into these things. My niece is a dragon and was a bit of a hot-tempered handful when she was a toddler/pre-schooler. (But her sweetness is a nice counter-balance to her feistiness.) It's probably a good thing that you're a dragon and will be able to relate to your dragon baby better than most other signs. πŸ˜‰

  2. Well crap- I'm with Chickenpig, a dog too! Screw it, I'm going to get pregnant anyways. Aren't your kids supposed to hate you? :)At least Dr Boy is a sheep- according to your page, sheep and dragons are a 4-star combo πŸ™‚

  3. Like I said, fire and water seems like a good match. But I don't take it too seriously either. My man is a Dog, coupled with Snake like me says love at first sight. Snake with Dragon baby: blissful. Dog with Dragon baby: divergent ideals. Let's see how correct all this will be πŸ™‚

  4. I was always so interested in this stuff. I'm a leo too! I'm a pig. (that sounds funny) If I have a baby this year "lots of fun" 2 stars. Next year "laid back" 3 stars. Either way I think I will be pretty good. This would be a good year for my rooster (as he calls "cock") Hubby "understanding" 3 stars.Thanks for the fun. I needed it. πŸ™‚

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